The finest entry level Sedan

Welcome all again on Ghost Planet! Recently I got good news for Indian Speedsters. Can you guess!!!!!!


It is Swift DZire, sedan that will rock on the Indian Roads in few weeks. Yes, as per the news I got Maruti Suzuki has almost finished the project Swift DZire and ready to wroooooom it on Indian roads. 


I have read on some blogs that the engine of this sporty ghost has the power of 87@6000 (petrol) and 75@4000 (diesel). The maximum torque of this car is 113NM@4500RPM. Looking at some of the pictures, I was mesmerized by the great interior.  Also the car has 4 cylinder, 16 Valves which goes up to 160 KMPH.

I am still searching for more on this sporty sedan. So please help me out if you have more stuff on this.

Till then I am snooping for more……


~ by gizmoghost on March 11, 2008.

10 Responses to “The finest entry level Sedan”

  1. It’s stupid thought! Honda and Toyota are not dead. The features you got will not be actual on roads. So, think about others like Corrolla and Opel.

  2. […] a good entry level sedan was missing in India. Now Maruti Swift DZire will fill this gap. The features in Swift Dzire are the same as I discussed previously. It will be available in both diesel and […]

  3. […] before you buy. Maruti Swift DZire is way ahead of Tata Indigo CS. I suggest you go through the Maruti Swift DZire specification and test drive experience, i had shared in my previous […]

  4. Dont ever compare Dzire with Honda or Toyota …

    Dzire is a replacement for Esteem and will do the same job that Esteem did …

    Diesel version of Dzire would be preferred over its counterparts as this comes with DDis engine… the best in its class

    Rear seating is little repositioned in Dzire (slightly heighted up) that the back seat is comfortable than the classic Swift.

    the boot space is must for any sedan 😉

  5. Hi, I know honda and toyota are different segments altogether, but actually in India, for some buyers a big car is a big car. And when you look at the features DZire is offering, one can’t help comparing. Besides DZire is 87 BHP compared to honda city – 77 bhp. Actually the new honda city is exhorbitantly priced for what is offering.

  6. […] Swift DZire. I have already discussed all these things in my previous blog posts. Read more about Maruti Swift DZire to know this car […]

  7. […] are good examples of Maruti’s strategy for indian market. The latest model from Maruti – the Maruti Swift DZire has also wowed buyers with its superlative features offered at affordable […]

  8. Hey guys,

    I had big hopes with DZire, I booked the car before the launch but unfortunately Maruti is not able to deliver the vehicle yet. What I understand from the dealer and from some other blogs that Maruti is issuing only 4 vehicles per dealer and that too with leaving no choice for dealer to place order on specific model (L,V orZ in both Petrol and Dielsel) I really don’t understand why cann’t these guys plann better before making such a big hyped launch?
    Does anyone know how to get the vehicle faster?

  9. Hi! the waiting period is not that high everywhere. Plus it is not something Maruti could have foreseen, since this car has received unprecedented response and hence the supply is less than the demand for this car. This is a good quality product with first time in segment features and competitive pricing. which is why so much overbooking. And situation is not so grim, as per the news Maruti is working on enhancing production capacity.

  10. The Dzire, the sedan version of Maruti Swift Dzire is definitely a perfect entry level sedan. It is more luxurious and spacious too. The Dzire is a replacement of Maruti Esteem. Only time will tell us if it will click the swift hatchback. I read the review on Dzire, it is really good and everyone can check

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