How to fix missing Itunes .msi files in Windows XP

Hi all!

A lot of people from US use I-Tunes enabled phone for great music experience. The motorola and apple is providing mp3’s only through i-tunes. But so many times we failed to enjoy when our i-tunes get corrupted.

Here I got the way to get rid of this.

If you Browse for this file however, you’ll find it in the location that it’s supposed to be (C:\Program Files\Apple Software Update\Packages).

I tried a few things to fix this, including downloading the latest iTunes from Apple’s website. After about 30 minutes of digging, I discovered that there’s a very simple fix.

1. Download the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility

2. Install the program (MS Office not required!)

3. Run the program from Start->All Programs->Windows Install Cleanup Utility

4. Click on iTunes, and then click the “Remove” button

5. Run the iTunes installer!

So, find out if this is working or not. I’ll welcome your reviews on it….

~ by gizmoghost on March 15, 2008.

212 Responses to “How to fix missing Itunes .msi files in Windows XP”

  1. Hi ! it works but tell me the idea that how to fix without uninstalling the itunes.

  2. No – as clever as it is for Apple to blame the PC for the problem, it remains THEIR lost install file. I am going to demand credit for $30 worth of music I bought a week ago to which I no longer have access, because after an hour on the phone, two operators hung up on me and one “second level tech” gave me this lukewarm non-solution.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you, you are a lifesaver i bow down and thank you thank you you are the man (or women if you are a women) but thank you

  4. It worked for me too! Many thanks.

  5. i’am not that clever but if the computer does not want to run windows installer cleaner utility, what to do next

  6. Thank you gizmoghost you Rock….

  7. you are the man. It works like a charm.. Thank you very much

  8. I am pretty adept with computers and yet this was Itunes issue was very annoying by not allowing me to properly update to a newer version. For once the PC wins. Anyway I appreciate the advice because what caused me many hours of frustration, was a 2min fix.



  9. You are my new hero.

  10. Oh… it really work.. thank you…. Vincent Chan from Hong Kong

  11. Thankss mate, i had a problem with removing iTunes..
    with this program i removed it 🙂
    and its working now!

  12. Ahhhh THANK YOU!

    That was driving me insane for months. I wish I would have googled this earlier.

  13. I am so grateful that I found your iTunes installation solution. It was a solution that was within my ability to carry out and it worked. By the way, it worked in Vista also. Thanks.

  14. yes it works. but i do not really want to do that everytime a new update comes out. whats wrong with those appleguys. why cant they fix that?

  15. Very good post. excelent idea. it really works.
    many tks

  16. You are fricking awesome. That was driving me nuts for sooo long.. Thanks much. Initially I just ran the Windows Installer and I didn’t go to Start etc. That was my bad. But once I buckled down and followed your instructions… WHOO HOO! Can you tell I’m happy? Thanks again.

  17. Ur a true genius, Thank you so much for being so helpful to some of us who have absolutely no idea on how to fix these types of problems!!

  18. Thank you so much!!!
    I needed iTunes to do my radio show, and I couldn’t access any of my music or cd’s or anything…
    But now, thanks to you, everything is good.

  19. Fantastic!! Problem solved!!

  20. Thank you so much|||
    It’s Perfect
    grazie mille

  21. Thanks Man was a big help for my Iphone

    Terell Kissendal

  22. I tried to run the cleanup utility but it gave me a VBS script error. Is there any other way to get my iTunes running properly again?


  23. Thank you very much! It works – and it is so simple!


  25. thank you very much!!! i was really getting a hard time until i read your blog!!!thank you!

  26. Genius

  27. itune copied bu not working intsall

  28. oh thank you!!! my iTunes has been messed up for far too long!!! Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!

  29. i am soska from saudi arabia i had this problem for long time but thankx to you genius you are amazing now its solved thank uuuuuuu

  30. Thanks a lot, this tip worked for me v well

  31. duuuuuude!!!

  32. Thanks, that was great, back to the way itunes was


  34. Oh my goodness, you are my hero. You saved me a lifetime of frustration. Now I can update my poor iPod again! He had been lonely without iTunes.

  35. I still don’t understand because it won’t work. Where do we actually delete the itunes? Can sumone pls email me at for sum help ,plss thx!

  36. Thank-you so much!!

  37. After trying to install the latest iTunes update for over an hour, it dawned on me that others may have experienced the same problem. Your fix worked like a charm — I am back in iTunes. Thanks very much!


  38. Thank so much for your expert suggestion. Problem fixed.

  39. Should I backup my music,video, and other itunes files before I uninstall it?

    • no need. itunes is just a program to access the files. the files themselves should be saved on your computer.

  40. Thank you so much it worked!!

  41. Very helpful stuff here, thank you!

  42. That was a quick fix for a real problem. Thankyou!

  43. Thank you for the instructions.
    You just saved me from tearing all my hair out and having to possibly reformat my HDD just to get iTunes to reinstall.



  45. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! After months and months of not being able to download my songs to my IPOD and trying anything and everything to get it working, This worked! I am ecstatic!! You are my newest hero!! Thanks again

  46. Worked for me too. But I had to install quicktime 7.5.5 separately.

  47. This worked! Cheers, mate.

  48. Worked as stated. Spent a couple of ours prior to this and got nowhere. This absolutly fised the problem. Itunes up and running fine now. Thanks!!!

  49. Thankyou Very much 2min job and worked a treat.Cheers

  50. I know this ain,t no forum,but to Mag and anyone else who want to have a very easy prog to use for putting individual songs and more onto your ipod,use Froodle (FW).

  51. it worked!!!! thanks!

  52. Thank you so so much. Those steps are easy to follow and save me lots of informaiton I stored and lots of time.

  53. smart ways thx man u Rock @@@@


  55. It would have been a oh no no christmas when we discovered that this problem with the msi files in windows.My three children with their new ipods and the frustration of trying to download itunes with a dial up ( 8 hours) I tried many websites but you fixed this shocking problem. Thank you so much.I bet there are lots of kids that will have this prob for theire christmas ipods but you are a genius to be able to simply fix it. shame why doesnt i tunes come on a disk with the device? Thanks from Melbourne Australia and merry christmas to all…

  56. I fucking love you. You made my Christmas. =]
    Best Present: Actually getting to use my new iPod.

  57. Thank you!! Apple’s Indian’s blamed my computer company instead of their software…ugh!

  58. worked! thanks!

  59. Merci pour cette aide si précieuse…

  60. You are the man it worked thanks a lot from méxico

  61. stuff this im not buying the damn thing u kinda have to mention those facts

  62. Worked like a charm. Thanks. Your fix made me acomplish in 3 minutes what I probably never would have fixed otherwise.

  63. Solved the problem in a great way. Thank you

  64. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU from Reno after long time now ij fix my itune thank you

  65. I cannot believe this worked, but it did! Thanks a lot, matey!

    thankyou so much. lol.


  68. Wow this worked. Thanks for the advice

  69. I followed your directions exactly and it worked! You are the best! My purchased itunes store music was still there when it reopened. Thank you so very, very much!

  70. Thanks! Worked like a charm!

  71. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaankk youuuuuuu!! i spent alld day looking to fix it and u helped me do it in under a minute!

  72. Thank you so much wrk’d like a charm why call tech support when u get google to find sites like these 🙂

  73. Thanks so much! Works like a Charm.

  74. It worked, thank you so much.

  75. you are the best, I’m truly appreciate you taking the time to make this. God Bless

  76. OMG!
    thank you soo much.
    i was afraid i would never have itunes again.
    thank you again

  77. worked for me although your instructions weren’t clear.
    I downloaded the windows installer cleanup utility, installed it, then rebooted and then found it under start/All Programs/Windows Install Utility. Selected it, and then in the window that comes up, I highlighted ITunes, and selected the remove button, closed it out when done with that, and then ran the ITunes Setup program that I saved to my hard drive, ITunes installed correctly and I didn’t receive the missing Itunes.msi error message after the install.

    Thanks for your great advice and help!


  78. Thanks man… it works like a baby….

  79. Perfect, after somw hours of anguish Google desktop directed me to you and, after also using this utility to remove Quicktime and to then re-install, I’m back on line with iTunes.

    Many thanks – Clean Up will definitely remain in my program list.

  80. aaaaaaaaaaaaaa i love youuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Absolutely amazing!! This truly works. Curse Apple and its ridiculous installation programs!!!!!!!!!

  82. Awesome! Thank you soooo much!!

  83. Thank you! It worked for me too. I was about to give up.

  84. good job =D it worked!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Excellent… It worked like a charm

  86. What is to be said – this is such an iceberg fix – backed up itunes songs just in case, but no need. It all happens like liquid chocolate. Don’t suppose you have any idea how to annoy my ‘3’ broadband USB stick into submission. It wants to update itself but it won’t coz there is a previous version stuck in there somewhere and it won’t come out. Sorry rant over thanks again.

  87. COOL!!!

    It is nice to have a suggestion actually work!!1

  88. Will removing iTunes delete all my music and videos? Also will i need the iTunes disc to reinstall it or will the update take care of that?

  89. thanks gizmo .god bless u .,it was very smart help to us.
    apple even dont know wat the problem . they r claiming our OS for this.

  90. thanks. i also had to remove quicktime and one other that “install itunes” prompted me to do but it was easy after i downloaded the windows clean up utility. you saved me so much time and made it so easy. the itunes page suggestions were for a nuclear scientist. a donation to charity will be forthcoming in your honor. jeff

  91. You no idea how nuts I was going til I found this! it worked ty ty ty

  92. Found your suggested solution thru Google when this became a problem for me over the weekend. It worked and I thank you very much!

  93. Thank u Thank u Thank u. I was SO lost without my music and now I am back on track!
    Grazie mille davvero, ciao da Milano.

  94. Thanks a lot it works for me. thanks thanks thanks

  95. Worked like a charm!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

  96. thank youuu soooo much this is greatt iv been troubled with this for days.

  97. Thanks

  98. Another satisfied user. This had caused a headache for hours and about 5 minutes to fix. Guess my uncle was wrong – he says advice is worth what you pay for it and this piece of free advice has been invaluable. Thanks again.

  99. Thanks a lot, it really worked out

  100. AWESEOME thanks

  101. thank you for your support you are genius …

  102. thank you … thank you … thank much

  103. you gotta be kidding me!! you solved my problem,THANK deserve my respect 🙂

  104. Thank you …….thank you …….
    My frustration has ended.
    you are a Gentleman and scholar.

  105. Worked great for us! We had searched for weeks trying to figure out what to do! And we didnt lose any of our itunes music etc. Thank you sooo very much!!

  106. Hi!!! It works!!! thanks man 🙂

  107. it´s not working for me… :C

  108. thank you very much it has worked after trying somany other things

  109. WOW! Thanks gizmoghost for your post of March 15, 2008. it worked and this is one of the few things I can remember getting instruction for from the Internet and it worked.

    Now please tell me how to get rid of the Base System Device error on my Dell Inspiron 640m.

    St. Kitts & Nevis

  110. Thanks a lot for the fix, it worked a dream!

  111. where do i download windows installer cleanup utility?

  112. Thankyou So Much !!!

  113. Thank You So Much !

  114. WOOT!

  115. You rock!!!

    Thanks for providing such an easy self-troubleshoot solution!!!

  116. Hey thanks for the idea…it works great….thanks..keep doin the same help

  117. Merci !

  118. Finally, someone who knows something about fixing iTunes. Good work. iTunes tech support people take note – THIS is how to fix the missing iTunes.msi file problem. Thank you 🙂

  119. Thanks mate – worked for too after much stuffing around.

  120. Thanks – it worked just as you said.

  121. Thank yoo, man! You are the man!
    It works!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Outstanding! Worked like a charm!

  123. Thanks,
    It did work. As near as I can tell, from previously trying to reinstall, there was more than likely a command line that misdirected iTunes to a folder that did not exist and the normal unistall program couldn’t get rid of this. But the new clean up program did. So thanks again And I will pass this on to all my friends. So unfortunate tha Apple couldn’t let all their customers know this frustrating, but simple fix.

  124. Thanks! Your a lifesaver!

  125. Thanks a million!!! It worked!!!

    What caused this to happen in the first place? Do you have any idea??

  126. Thank you! Tried everything and this is the only thing that worked!!

  127. omg! omg! omg! you are the best!!! du8nno how you did it but your awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. I was busting my head trying to figure this out. Thanks a lot. Saved me a lot of headaches.

  129. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Computer geeks ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  131. Blessings!!!

  132. Worked like a charm…Many thanks as I had tried several times to
    install without sucess…Thank you !!!

  133. thank you! i’d been playing with it for a few days and your post helped a lot! thanks thanks thanks!

  134. hey everyone what i did is after uninstalling all of itunes stuff that it would let me from the add and remove in the control panel (windows xp pro)
    1. iTunes
    2. QuickTime
    3. Apple Software Update
    4. Apple Mobile Device Support
    5. Bonjour
    6. Apple Application Support
    (if it asks for the msi to remove you can get it from the folder you make for itunes later)
    i downloaded the newest version of itunes then extracted it useing winzip into a folder , then when it asks for the msi file you point it to the folder you just extracted the itunes to
    (i put the folder on my desk top so not to lose it , i also went into my programs and there wer some files left over from itunes i pulled them out , i saved them in a different folder incase i need them down the road , everything seems to be working fine now , my phone linked rite up and it had everything it had befor , hope this helps ,
    BTW version 9 of itunes scattered 278gigs of my music across my 2 hard drives , anyone know how to pull it back into the folders ?

  135. awesome fix mate… i thought i was a goner with my music…

  136. Awesome. It worked. Thanks a bunch

  137. Thanks, alot this worked for me. You rock!

  138. Thank you. Worked like a charm.

  139. Great post, thank you many times over. Instructions were clear, concise, and, best of all, worked the first time tried.

  140. I Still cant manage it. Please someone help a damsel in distress! Once windows installer cleanup utility has been downloaded, it scans my PC and then forwards me to buy the whole programme! This therefore makes it impossible to move on! What do i do please somebody help!

  141. you are awsome thnx ! : )

  142. thanks for the solution!

  143. it worked, thanks a lot.

  144. Thanks a lot mate!!!!
    Helped perfectly!

  145. awesome….. and when i reinstalled i tunes all the playlist data etc was preserved 10/10


  147. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH IF IT WASNT FOR YOU I DONT KNOW WHAT I WOULD HAVE DONE. I had gotten the Ithouch for my birthday but becauze of that it wouldnt work THANK YOU!

  148. I really hope this works … let’s find out. *pause* Hmmm…now there’s a problem with QuickTime. Okay, got THAT fixed. YAY! iTunes is back. Thanks for your help!

  149. Where do I find this “cleanup utility” ??

    sorry computer illiterate

  150. ok i found the .. but the link is broken it will not load the page for me now im just stumped

  151. this does NOT work…..

  152. this worked Thank you

  153. you rock!!! dude thank you!!!!

  154. Hello, Fantastically simple fix for my inability to re-install iTunes after I had “cleaned” my computer. Many thanks for this excellent tip!

  155. Thank you, it worked for me

  156. Please tell me if the music that has been recorded will be erased by applying the “solution” you mentioned?


  158. 12/29/09 IT WORKS, THANK YOU

  159. Worked flawlessly. Thank you so much.

  160. tanks man! you helped a lot!

  161. 100% works! thanks

  162. Thank You……. it works

  163. Wow, thought I’d lose my frikking mind. Thanx alot.


  165. thank man it worked i really appreciate it this problem has been buging me 4 months..woop lol

  166. This didn’t work for me and when I call Apple support they tell me it’s not their problem. Huh? Of course it’s their problem!!!! They tell me to call Windows support!!!?? I love(d) iTunes and was a super big user but this has made me completely re-evaluate it.

  167. Thank you thank you thank you. That was the best advice I’ve had all weekend. The only thing I had to do extra was removing the Apple Installation Package from the Windows Cleaner Utility. I’m so glad I found your article.

  168. dude you rock

  169. You are a genius!!!

  170. It worked for me, too! Thank you so much. My IT person told me I had to re-install my entire computer programs if I decided to fix this problem. It’s really easy now.

  171. IT WORKS!!! WOOOHOOO!! 🙂

    This has been a problem for me for about a year now and finally i works!

  172. It worked it worked..

  173. Hey! try downloading itunes+quicktime, then unpack it using(winzip,winrar,etc) after the unpacking happened you will see itunes.msi and quicktime.msi, Hope it works for you!

  174. It worked perfectly first time, so quick as well. Thank you

  175. tnk u tnk u tnk u tnk u tnk u a lot. it worked perfectly, flawlessly.

  176. Man you’re a lifesaver…
    Thanks so much, just fixed the thingy that’s been frustrating me for 2 hours in two minutes…

  177. OMG, thank you so much, i was so pissed off because i orignally was trying to uninstall some items to leave some space for my computer and i accidently uninstalled something to do with itunes so i had to uninstall the whole thing and since then ive been trying to install it but that message kept coming up and when i read this i thought.. hmm.. i dont think it will work but ill try, knowning my luck it wouldnt work anyway haha, but it did! thank you soooo much :’) ❤

  178. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! it works!

  179. where do i download Windows Install Cleanup Utility?

  180. thanks buddy, it really works….keep up the good job

  181. Wow thanks! It worked…you rock!!!!

  182. woooo hoooo, it worked! that’s great man, some other sites gave me really shitty long ass ways to fix it. Yours was quick and worked just fine. excellent! thanks a lot

  183. Many Thanks !!!! Worked 😀

  184. It really works, I have to add that compared to other blogs you are simple and concise thank u !

  185. Thanks! Worked great.

  186. Hi, I tried downloading the windows install cleanup utiliity and it appears it’s not longer available…. i can’t remove my itunes, it says the itunes.msi is missing…. do you have another solution?

  187. Hi I have performed the clean up and its a success, however my microsoft outlook now doesnt work, i get an error message saying either restart computer or reinstal microsoft outlook???? I have restarted and it still wont work? I have also went to microsoft update and a large service pack 2 down load is required, it goes through the motions to download until aprox 90% of the down load then error message stating service family pack 2 = incomplete down load, please could you give me your expert help once again


  189. anybody can help me? i don’t know how to install itunes again.. error is occurring when i trying to run it it wont work…

  190. THANK GOD FOR GEEKS!! My iTunes has been ‘out-of-sync’ (the installed version didn’t match the msi) for TWO years. I’ve taken my laptop to the apple store – clueless. I’ve tried numerous times to uninstall/reinstall. No dice.
    THIS DID IT!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!!

  191. Can anyone tell me where I can get the windows install cleanup utility? It doesnt appear to be available any longer?

  192. dude thank you so much………..
    thank you
    thank you
    thank you…………so much

  193. thanks alot it worked

  194. If this works I will worship you for life… I’ve just ran the cleanup utility and am trying to re-install iTunes ***pause as I await the results*** OMFG you are AWESOME!!!! There aren’t words to express my gratitude. I’ve spent 4 days of pure hell going round and round with Apple employed morons and you offered this very simple solution. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

  195. awwwweeesooooome….iTunes back on track…I’d follow you on Twitter! Preciate it! – @LuckyLoserr

  196. Thanku so much……..It’s working.
    Can u tell me without using this itunes, can i Load my songs in to my apple ipod….

  197. Thank You my friend for the information. I got it !!! Best regards,

  198. Thank you so much…everyone else has no idea but this really works!!! I have spent so much time dealing with this and was prepared to restore my comp but now i don’t have to thanks!

  199. thank you very mutch!!!!

  200. Using trial version of WinRar to export downloaded itunes setup file…then using that folder in the path searched within the error message link worked like a charm in removing the software in order to reload fresh again. THANK-YOU!

  201. It works perfectly

  202. Hi , Thank you very much indeed.

  203. thankyou som uch, to this day it still works 🙂 i had this utility before from last time itunes stopped working along with other programs forcing me to do a clean install of windows =/ i forgot to get this application back but now its here again 🙂


  205. thank you…………so much it worked

  206. Thank you.

  207. Hope this workes.

  208. Yes Man!!
    Thank You very very much! That has really rescued myself

  209. […] During the update a message comes that the networkresource itunes.msi is missing. I googled and found this blog entry […]

  210. thank you so much

  211. My partner and I absolutely love your blog and find almost all of your post’s to be just what I’m looking for. Do you offer guest writers to write content in your case? I wouldn’t mind producing a post or elaborating on a lot of the subjects you write regarding here. Again, awesome website!

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