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A good news for all Indian car freaks. Now they can drive Jaguar and Land Rover. Laughing at me? But it’s true. Today I read that TATA has finally bought the Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford Motors.

Here are few opinions and speculations doing rounds.

With the acquisition of Jaguar and Land Rover, does the Tata group have the two big cats of the British automobile industry by the tail?

Analysts are posing this question given the implications of the future emission norms in Europe. But Tata Motors are confident of addressing the challenge.

According to analysts and automobile engineers, Tatas Motors may get choked with fines on Jaguar and Land Rover – the brands acquired for $2.3 billion from Ford Motors  on Wednesday – when the proposed emission norms come into force by 2012.

Tatas have decided to retain manufacturing of Jaguar and Land Rover in their home country so it will have also have to contend with the higher cost of production and rising material prices in Western Europe. This apart, since Tatas Motors will have separate supplier base for their India operations, the benefit synergies of scale may not be available – at least for the first five years.


So, what do you think? Will TATAs succeed in reigning in these two horses, and will these cars be introduced for the Indian market soon. The answers to these questions will be clear very soon.

Take a look at the beautiful land rover and Jaguar…….impressive



~ by gizmoghost on March 29, 2008.


  1. its good i have to buy

  2. Tata’s acquiring the deal of the premium brands Jaguar and Land Rover is the made India proud. These two brands will be seen on the Indian roads very soon. Jaguar is planning to introduce two new models XF and X-type to the Indian market by next year.

  3. very goooooooooooood apperance & nice model

  4. its good i like the car

  5. very good car….par meri pahunch se bahar ha

  6. its look like a alexander’s horse

  7. i like land rover

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