Maruti Swift DZire Petrol Vs Disel

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I was searching for a comparison between Maruti Swift DZire Petrol and Diesel Variant, that could give me an idea of the relative difference in their cost of ownership. I found this comparison from one of the Team BHP members. Sharing the same story with you. Please note that he has compared the lowest variant of Petrol i.e. Lxi to Vdi. You can assume a marginally lesser time to break even if you compared Petrol Vxi to Diesel Vdi. Take a look:


7.63359 yrs to break even to be precise on the basis of

Delhi’s lower normal petrol costs of Rs. 44.5. For rest of Indial. it takes 5.3114 years to break even when petrol costs Rs. 52. This also takes into consideration a higher average FE of Swift DZire Diesel at 19 kmpl and Swift Dzire Petrol’s at 13 kmpl.25000 km per year (2083 km per month), then if Petrol costs 52 and Diesel costs 32, even then it will take 3.735 years to break even using the calculations logic shown below.Hope it never happens.Maruti Swift DZire-disel-vs-petrol130000 km per year for a diesel car to make sense. I am quit impressed with this comparison, although i don’t necessarily agree with everything he has stated.

Extra EMI for Diesel is taken care of by Fuel Savings is only a gimmick. Please see below chart to see that your actual monthly outflow is almost same. So even if it is outstation weekends you end up spending the same amount more or less.

Even if you have many weekends and you clock

What if you decide not to use the car? Then all the extra money spent goes waste! 

Those calculations were hard work. There may be suggestions to these calculations, but more or less these are quite close to real life situation. If you think calculations are not correct anywhere, please let me know. I ignored some points as well like finance opportunity costs because you could have invested the amount in shares or mutual funds.

According to him, one needs a running of more than

So, what’s your opinion.  I would like to hear responses from you.

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9 Responses to “Maruti Swift DZire Petrol Vs Disel”

  1. Guys you all have been calculating abt the break even… yes it takes 5 years to break even for an average user. but he can pocket the higher resale value as a profit.

    simple maths

    • Higher resale value for a disel car 🙂 I always look at second hand disel cars, for sale, with suspicion because I feel it might have run as a taxi or is some constly maintenance due. So this is also not a factor.

  2. Hi ,
    Can you please also share the Source/Link of this BHP guys Review? As some of the text are missing. I am abt to book either of this and would need a final look to make a decision. Thanks!

  3. what about the resale value?

  4. I would recommend the average user (running up to 1500km per month)to confidently go for the petrol. Good Luck.

  5. maruti swift dzire is the best for fuel

  6. so wt do u thnk…
    whch 1 is btr..
    petrol or diesel??
    m confused whtr 2 buy swift or dzire…
    plz help ….

  7. Break-even calculations do make sense.
    However there are certain intangibles which make diesels more dzireable-
    1. Swift Dzire Diesel is a dream machine due to high torque at low RPM and it has a neck breaking pick up to zoom ahead.
    2. It is soft to the pocket as recurring (fuel) cost which matters if you frequent long drives. Maintenance cost is only marginally higher in Dzire diesel, contrary to popular belief. I have driven my VDI for 20,000 KM and there is only scheduled visits to MASS.

  8. ok

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