BMW Launches Sport Series M3 in India

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I have a good news for all Indian luxury car freaks – BMW has already introduced it’s sports series M3 in India. Having recognized the potential of the automobile market in India, BMW is all set to explore it fully. After scrutinizing the bright prospects of its super luxury, super high performance M cars in the Indian automobile market, BMW has decided to exploit it by launching its M (Motorsport) cars. The company launched its M3 model in the country in January 2008 and with this, it has expanded its presence in the luxury cars market. BMW M3 will be sold as CBU (complete built unit), in limited numbers, and has been priced around Rs 74 lakh. The sleek and suave look of the car is definitely going to win the heart of the automobile lovers. Loosely based on the standard 3 Series coupe, the luxury car boasts of an all new, 4.0 liter, V8 engine. The style is distinct, but none of the curves and cuts is without a purpose. The 3999 cc engine of BMW M3 gives a maximum output of 420 bhp@8,300 rpm and a maximum torque of 398Nm@3,000 rpm.

The car can go from standstill to 100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds, while it takes just 15.8 seconds to go from 100 km/h to 200 km/h. The maximum speed that can be attained by BMW M3 is 248 km/h. Being fitted with compound brakes; it can come to a standstill, from 100 km/h, within 34 m. Though the car comes packed with 18-inch wheels, you can go in for 19-inch rims too.

bmw interior

So, if you want a car with stunning looks, smooth performance and unbridled fun, BMW M3 is just the thing for you!

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~ by gizmoghost on May 29, 2008.

5 Responses to “BMW Launches Sport Series M3 in India”

  1. The stunning BMW M3 Sedans goes real muscular and luxurious on the road. The exterior echoes the typical BMW M style, While the interior is awfully luxurious.i read its review on

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  3. Well, the insides are stunning indeed…!

  4. Wow thats amazing i just love BMW cars they are mind blowing cars. I think they are tough competitors for Mercedes, Audi, Porsche etc. I had read a car review for BMW M3 Coupe stuff here

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