Maruti Suzuki India: A Record Breaking Sales Graph

Hi All!

Have you seen the sales figures of Maruti Suzuki in last months? Aren’t they record breaking? Have a look at these facts I compiled from Business & Economy news….

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd today reported a 16.2 per cent increase in total vehicle sales during May at 69,001 units, against 59,400 units in the same month last year.The company said its domestic sales increased by 14.6 per cent during the month at 64,143 units, against 55,952 units in May last year. Its M800 model recorded 25.2 per cent increase at 6,830 units in May this year as compared 5,456 units in the same month last year. The A2 segment comprising Alto, Zen Estillo, Wagon R and Swift registered a combined growth of 14.5 per cent at 44,539 units, against 38,889 units in the same month last year. The company said in May month, Swift recorded its highest ever sales, clocking 10,408 units in May 2008. The A3 segment comprising SX4 and Swift Dzire recorded 18.7 per cent increase at 5,946 units, compared to 5,009 units in May last year. Exports during the month stood at 4,858 units as compared to 3,448 units in the same month last year, up 40.9 per cent.

So, now we can say that Maruti is a winner in India. The newly launched Maruti Swift DZire is already a hit. The waiting period for this car is around 40 to 60 days. The Diesel variant has a higher waiting period. But still I think Maruti will resolve these issues by this month end.

Hey, but the fuel prices are killing? Yesterday Hon’ble PM announced the fuel price hikes and said that they are trying their best to control the fuel price. Wonder how they will control.

See what will be next in our Automobile Industry. I’ll keep you updated.

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~ by gizmoghost on June 6, 2008.

6 Responses to “Maruti Suzuki India: A Record Breaking Sales Graph”

  1. Yes I also read about it. Maruti Suzuki is one of the leading auto makers of the country and they are doing great with all their models. Their sales graph is rising higher and higher. The company was also ranked 4thin the list of “most popular automobile companies”

  2. All said and done. We (common people) have realized the importance of alternate fuel. But are we sure, our Governments and the Auto Manufacturer’s realize this!!! Specially in the case of India. I do not see the Indian Government or car manufacturer’s making any iniatiation to bring alternate fuel technology in India. It’s high time the Auto markers and Government in India research and work on this GLOBAL issue. We are yet to have a economic hybrid car in India!!! Car manufacturer’s have a responsibity to do this, along with the Government support. Let me right this bold “WE NEED CHEAPER HYBRID CARS IN INDIA” Or altest cars the middle class people can use and consume less, expensive fuel(oil). Today each time i drive a car.. i feel guilty of consuming something.. which is soon going to be extint!!!

  3. Move over Swift… Here Comes the Maruti Suzuki Ritz 🙂

    Check out

  4. Maruti Suzuki delivers what is most important for people – a car. They have never offered pretentions like audio systems, hi-fi equipments. Hence Maruti Suzuki is easy to drive, master and use and maintain. That is why Indians like it.


    Indian Car Advisor (

  5. Mahinda Renault has launched the new LOGAN PLAY.

    I visited the showroom and and saw the new logan play, i even took a test drive,
    the performance is amazing, the fresh look of the car does attract the buyers, it has the all new sporty look and flashy vinyls does compliment the car.
    the car seems easy to maintain and the spare parts are also easy to get, it is a total value for money.

  6. I love to be around cars a lot and you can say that its my passion too.That is why i visit your blog site as it always has a

    good news to tell about cars and its accessories.Keep posting such interesting posts always and i will keep visiting your

    blog again and again.

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