going green-gaining profit

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As discussed in one of my previous posts, global warming is a major threat we are facing. I have some good news for all of us concerned about the effects of global warming. Now all the major global companies are adopting green or eco friendly options with an intention of controlling global warming and cutting down the costs of electricity and waste management. Here I am shortlisting a few companies compiled by DigiTech Magazine. Major IT firms Dell, Intel, Aricent, HCL Technologies, Wipro, Lenovo, Nokia and Tulip Telecom, among others, have realized that “going green” is a profitable business. Not only does it require a low initial investment but it also earns them brownie points for helping in reducing e-waste. While an estimated 3.3 lakh tonnes of e-waste is generated in India, about 50,000 tonnes is imported or dumped in the country. Only 40 per cent of India’s total e-waste is recycled, and the rest is left in storehouses due to an inefficient collection system.

Analysts estimate that companies typically invest between 5-10 per cent of their IT budgets on ‘eco-friendly’ IT processes. For instance, firms have started consolidating datacenters, using power-management tools to increase the life of batteries and reduce energy bills, replacing old and energy-consuming CRT monitors with the energy-efficient LCD panels and recycling personal computers. However, the returns are high. Consider this. Aztecsoft, which invests around Rs 6 lakh per annum on its green projects, will save a lot of money by conducting energy audits on its air-conditioning systems that consume nearly 50 per cent of its energy budget. Nokia, too, has redesigned its packaging to cut back on costs and paper wastage. By 2007-end, Nokia shipped 250 million phones using compact packaging, resulting in 5,000 fewer trucks being needed to distribute products around the world and creating financial savings of up to Rs 6,560 crore. Nokia accessory packaging has been trimmed to use 60 per cent less plastic while the cardboard in packaging has been made thinner.

Aricent will also soon come out with a company-wide policy on e-waste and proper disposal of its technology assets.

Over the past 20 years, Intel, too, has invested more than $100 million (around Rs 420 crore) in water conservation programmes at its facilities all over the globe. As a result of these efforts, Intel reclaims more than 3 billion gallons of wastewater annually instead of tapping into precious fresh-water sources. “Faced with an economic downturn, many organizations, which had earlier cut back on soft programmes – such as green efforts – as a cost-saving measure, are now pursuing these low-risk initiatives as they often provide quick returns and are especially attractive in a cost-cutting environment,” posits Steve Kleynhans, research vice-president, Gartner.

Don’t you think it’s a great idea? They are not only saving heavy electricity bills, but are doing good for the environment as well. As per my opinion every organisation should take such steps.

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