Hi all. I have been hearing a lot of discussion about Maruti Swift Dzire giving competiition to Tata Indio CS sedan. Some are of the opinion that Indigo will not be hit majorly. Others feel that it will be completley routed. I personally think that given the value Maruti Dzire brings in, Indigo will have a tough time. Indigo is the cheapest sedan in current auto market, starting from 3.67 laces.

I am giving you a brief overview of this car. Fit & finish are not up to the mark Plastic quality is very inferior. No Power windows, no remote central locking, no steering adjustment. The mouth watering price is the only reason to buy this car. Engine is of 1396CC but again power of this car is less than DZire.

Additionally, the look and style this car doesn’t stand anywhere in comparison with Swift DZire. The same is also true for the security features. Airbag, Parking Sensors, Fog Lamp, Traction Control, EBD and ABS are missing in Tata Indigo, while Maruti Swift DZire has almost all these features (In selected models). The 1.5-2 lac difference is not so big that one should compromise on features, security and style. S

o think before you buy. Maruti Swift DZire is way ahead of Tata Indigo CS. I suggest you go through the Maruti Swift DZire specification and test drive experience, i had shared in my previous blog.




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~ by gizmoghost on April 7, 2008.


  1. well to me both r crap,
    as both look they have stuk up their arse.

    Both models were ment to be hatchbacks.

    They r like the custom motorcycle’s extension sidecars.

    Go for a true sedan, sometimes its better to go for the original than the streched ones.

  2. It seems you are pretty impressed with Dzire.I am planning to buy a entry level sedan and considering Dzire,Indigo CS and Logan. Pretty confused but probably go for Dzire. My budget is around 5 lacs and considering that I think I have to go with the cheapest option of Dzire. Do you forsee any immediate price drop in the auto market considering the fact Steal prices are expected to be reduced in the range of 10% in near future. Some people also suggested to go for it now as the introductory pricing by Maruti may be increased. Any advise on that?

  3. Looks and style of a car are very subjective. The swift looks really good but not the DZire. But the Indigo CS looks quite better than the Indigo. Isnt it?

  4. the above picture of dzire is fake,bad photoshop job.

    gizmoghost the car is launched now so pls update yourself.

    dzire looks much better in real than in pictures so i hope people have not commented before having a good look at it on road or in the showroom.

    and yes people pls go ahead and buy some other car than dzire so that the waiting period comes down and i can get it on time.thank you

  5. To all those who say Dzire does not look good. Do this:

    1. Have a detailed look at logan- its a beautiful car. Good space, sleek front, rear are simple but still classic and good.

    2. Then go to nearest maruti dealer- and look at Dzire. Belive me more than 95% of you will say that Dzire looks better.

    Its modern.
    Its sporty in looks.
    Its flashy.
    Its different.
    Its sexy from front and rear.
    Its powerful.

    But if you are a person who loves simplicity. Logan is made for you. And Mahindra service is not bad.

  6. Well, my brothers, let me say that comparing Swift with Indigo CS is like comparing apples with oranges. I was surprised how can a middle class person like me simply ignore a difference of 2Lk Rs in the two cars. Bro, I would rather furnish all my new house in 2Lk bucks…!!
    So the morale is both the categories of cars belong to two completely different class of people. So leave it to people to decide what they want…

  7. If u ask me whhcic is better between Tata indigo and Maruti Swift Dzire, I feel Dzire is the best. . It is more luxurious and spacious too. The Dzire is a replacement of Maruti Esteem. Only time will tell us if it will click the swift hatchback. I really liked the review I read in http://www.carazoo.com/newcars/carreview/Maruti/Swift%20DZiRE and very much impressive

  8. […] the mark Plastic quality is very inferior. No Power windows, no remote central locking, no steeringhttps://gizmoghost.wordpress.com/2008/04/07/maruti-swift-dzire-car-india/COMMISSION DIRECTIVE 2004/112/EC of 13 December 2004File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – View as […]

  9. can anyone tell me abt the fuel efficiency of both Indigo CS and Dzire Diesel variants.

  10. Folks.. If you are a planning for a diesel version, and look at Value, service and cost prespective, you may find that Indigo CS will probably be the choice. CS TDI on road is 5.15L v/s 6.88L. At a comparable averagre, you basically save 1.7L right out. Yes, look wise, CS may not be that sexy compared to dzire, I don’t care. I need a sexy wife, not a car.

  11. Indigo CS, The dealer claims it gives 17-18KM / Ltr in city.

  12. diesel or petrol is claimed to have 17-18KM/Ltr.

  13. i like dzire much better than indigo cs

  14. new time for desire and old for indigo

  15. i love the looks of the Indigo CS and u cant ignore the price difference.

  16. i have bought swift dzire recently and am fully satisfied with its performance and pricing and the quality of workmanship and most important after sales service and MARUTI SUZUKI TAG

  17. I am looking for a car that has great suspension as I have osteoporosis and the Indian roads are not the best. My budget allows for the Indigo DLX, Dzire and other in that price range. Also, I want CNG with a warranty. Therefore, which is the best buy

  18. i guess. dezire is a better choice.. afterall u r buying a car and it has to be with u for some coming years. why to ger the difference of prices spent in furnishing and daily…. thinking had i own a dezire.. further. ow a days if u can own a sedan.. and the price diff is something Rs 2000/month for next 4 years..its fine. looking into the style.. and comfortability… other wise.. indigo Cs is for u…..which looks fabulous on road.. but folks.. wait and watch…. soon Indigo vista is coming which will give dezire a much awaited competition.. and the price range wont be of much difference then indigo cs. ( as expected). the looks r stunning…. and its just a thing.. ready to fall in love with.. can say i had love at first sight with Indigo vista. but have to have a sedan soon.. so will have to go with dezire. cant wait for indigo vista… but its a car i will admire….( i had wished for the sedan version of the vista the day it was launched)

  19. Anytime you can take dzire. rather than indigo gls . AND ANITA YOU WANT A GOOD CAR FOR INDIAN ROADS THEN CHECK OUT THIS . COM http://WWW.CARZOO.COM/NEW CARS/CARRIEVIEW/ MARUTI/SWIFT%20dzire

  20. Well i would suggest you to buy THE NEW LOGAN PLAY,
    Its far more better than the indigo cs or the swift dzire,
    It is very attractive in looks and has an all new feeling, i even took a test drive and i must say its a great car that mahindra renault have come up with,
    you can check out this link http://www.facebook.com/MahindraRenaultLogan
    It just might help you make a choice!!!

  21. nice car sir

  22. who says indigo cs is not as powerful as the swift desire. well the indigo cs is 1400 cc whereas swift desire is 1300cc. on the more the diesel version of the indigo cs is decked up with a turbo charged ingine. i have personally owned this car and taken to a top speed of 172kms/hr. and i feel it is the best car in its class. i have also owned an esteem as well as the swift but i am in love with my new indigo cs. And if you all are still not down with dat then we all indigo lovers have two words for ya ( SUCK IT).

  23. plz pice of swift dzar

  24. interior desighn of maruti swift car

  25. i have seen new Indigo CS e, i liked it very much, but the plastic quality is poor especially dashboard. But the diesel variant come within range of Rs.5.5 lakhs, and that’s very much affordable sedan car. I am also concern about the body material used hope its door doesn’t make noise and creates all kinds of problems after 3-4 years same for the engine.
    could u please suggest me any other sedan model in that price range.
    or is it a wise decision to go for new indigo CS e series which company claims 24 kmpl diesel

  26. Hi. plz suggest me whether to go for Ford fiesta classic or for new Maruti Swift Dzire Diesel.

  27. hi, i am buying a new Indigo eCS LX (Diesel top model) today for 5.70 Lacs on road Delhi. I did a thorough analysis before taking this decision. With this Price, Diesel Engine, fuel efficiency and cheaper maintenance, you can’t match any other sedan in this segment.

  28. I am confused. What to buy? Swift Dzire or Tata Indigo. Please guide me.

  29. My TATA INDIGO CS eLX is the best car other cars.Buy it & go for masti……………..

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