Swift DZire launched- Maruti’s Gift to A3 Segment Buyer

Finally, after a long wait Maruti has launched it’s car Maruti Swift DZire. I’ve saw its webcast. Maruti DZire is really a great looking car. The pricing is very attractive –

(Rs) 4.49 lakhs 4.97 lakhs 5.90 Lakhs

(Rs) 5.39 Lakhs 5.85 Lakhs 6.70 Lakhs

Maruti Swift DZire seems to be the fulfillment of every Indian’s DZire. As per Maruti the inspiration behind this car is “If there are 5 million customers of compact cars and A2 segment cars then why not A3?”

Definitely a good entry level sedan was missing in India. Now Maruti Swift DZire will fill this gap. The features in Swift Dzire are the same as I discussed previously. It will be available in both diesel and petrol variants from day 1. The ABS system in Maruti Swift DZire is the most distinctive feature which is not present in DZire’s competitors.

It has already captured the media, and has been the hottest topic ever since it was announced officially. I am sure Maruti DZire will emerge as the finest entry level sedan in India and a true gift from Maruti Suzuki.


~ by gizmoghost on March 26, 2008.

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