Maruti Suzuki Sx4 vs. Honda City

Hi all! These days everybody who loves cars (sedans) is talking about Honda City and SX4. Both cars have redefined the style and luxury in Indian auto industry. I searched a bit to see which is the better car among these two and here I am providing the details i found.

Maruti Suzuki SX4 – 5/5

Maruti SX4 provides a 1.6L all-aluminum engine with 103bhp@5500. This is a 16V DOHC and has Torque of 145Nm. The Cost of the variants is Rs.6.18 lakhs, Rs.6.89 lakhs and Rs.7.24 lakhs respectively. The SX4 has a 5 speed manual transmission. The SX4 engine is a bit more powerful than the remaining competitors, even more than the City.

Honda City – 4.5/5

The displacement of the Honda City is 1497cc and produces a power of a reasonable 77Bhp @ 5000 rpm, has a torque of 125Nm and is a SOHC valve, the City also has 4 cylinders. But the city offers more variants and with different prices- they are – the EXi, GXi, V-TEC and the CVT at 6.77 Lakhs , 7.27Lakhs , 8 Lakhs, 7.87Lakhs respectively(ex-showroom Delhi). The City too has a 5-speed manual and an automatic transmission.


The SX4 has more powerful engine and has greater torque than the Honda City’s engine and is more refined and reliable. The SX4 comes with a reasonable price, whereas the city has a dragon in it that will burn your pocket, unless you go for the EXi that is around 6.77 lakhs.  If you want a more powerful engine, go for the SX4.

Interiors and Comfort

Honda City – 4.5/5

The City has Dual Tone Beige Interiors, Chrome Inner Door Handles, High Grade Stereo with CD/MP3 Player, Front Storage Space with Cup Holder, Nice and cleans Instrument Cluster and has very good legroom, powerful air conditioners, and a big boot of 500liters. All of you know the City’s interiors and there’s nothing much to explain.

Maruti Suzuki SX4 – 4.6/5

The SX4 has interiors is like a mini cockpit. It has a CD-player that goes with the dash look, the steering is embedded with controls and they are great to have, which the city does not have, the SX4 has a climate control and a display to check the interior-outside temperature. Both the SX4 and the City has electronic adjustable side view mirrors and rear defogger and some aluminum pieces are thrown near the console. There is also an illuminated key ring. The SX4 is the biggest and most spacious in the class and also has extra head, elbow and legroom. The SX4 has a height adjustable driving seat for better commanding view of the road, something that the Honda City does not have. The boot is big  – 505 litres

Performance and Handling

Honda City:- 4/5

The Honda city is zippy. The Engine is not very powerful but the car is very quiet and smooth and the manual gearbox is a pleasure to use. The Honda City with a 77Bhp can do quiet well on the Highway and with that power this car does pretty well in city driving as well. With the McPherson Strut with Stabilizer and H- Type Torsion Beam Suspension at the rear, the car is easy to handle. But never try to overtake another car on the highway while driving on high speed. The City is not good enough for that.

Maruti-Suzuki SX4 – 4.5/5

The Suzuki SX4 is also a pleasure to drive, the extra power can be used for highways and with this power you can rip off your opponent. The gearbox is similar to the Swift and has a top speed of 175 kmph. The ride quality of the Suzuki SX4 is lovable with Stabilizer Independent suspension with gas-filled McPherson strut & anti-roll bar in the front and Semi independent torsion beam with gas filled shock absorbers. It absorbs the shocks indian potholes give you very nicely and has a good ground clearance. The SX4 is fast and fun to drive even on the highways. The SX4 gives a mileage similar to the City.


The fight was very close indeed. We would intend to put both the cars first, but in a fight there is supposed to be a winner. So according to the review – the SX4 wins. The SX4 is more powerful, looks better than the City and looks really classy. It is very much more equipped than the city – has ABS, and Dual Airbags and is the longest, tallest, widest in the segment. It has an enormous ground clearance with a big boot and great front and rear legroom.  iCAT system and lots more..


No other car in this segment has offered so many features at this price. So eventually the Maruti-Suzuki SX4 wins.

Maruti has also introduced new Maruti Swift DZire that will also compete with Honda City’s lower models and other A3 segment cars. The features like ABS, iCat and dual airbags are available in Maruti Swift DZire. I have already discussed all these things in my previous blog posts. Read more about Maruti Swift DZire to know this car better. 

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19 Responses to “Maruti Suzuki Sx4 vs. Honda City”

  1. I own a SX4 ZXi. I agree with you on all the points compared above except on the milage part. Honda city gives a much better mileage than the SX4 and this is the only other segment other than the turning radius where the city is better. The city has a smaller turning radius (4.9 meters) compared to the 5.3 of SX4, which is very handy on narrow roads.
    The mileage part one cannot really compare as SX4 has a bigger and more powerful engine, is about 140 kilos more in weight and has much broader tryes (205 mm compared to 175 of the city).

  2. Dear Blogger,

    I appreciate that you are trying to bring this news to the people, but please do put the source to the information. As I had done this with much time and effort. I request you to please add a source to it. which is this

  3. Hi Auticrust

    I understand your concern but I am not getting all the stuff from single place. So mentioning all the source in my post is a bit of heavier task. If you have any concern about content then inform me I’ll try to do best.

  4. 😀 i m happy that you replied.. I thought you were one of those people who copied all articles and took the credit himself But anyway thanks.

  5. Hi Autocrust,
    Please tell me the Honda city Vtec perfomance on Higher speed greater than 80 KMPH. i have heard that while accelerating at higher speeds the CITY chokes and even on braking it wobbles. Is it true.

  6. I certain ly don’t agree when you say SX4 is more spacious.City is not provided with alloy wheels and the cost is a little high. This is the only draw back one can say. But it has a snob value which is not there for SX4. It is more economical but lacks the aesthetic looks.

  7. Interesting article, i have bookmarked your site for future referrence 🙂

  8. Nice comparison but it would be too early to point out who the actual winner is: City has an height adjustable seat too. In comparison City also has a better milage but less powerful Engine. But as the name implies, do we have cities in India, where one can actually show the engine power.

    To me City is a more City driving car, anytime better in quality than SX4 and classy to own. SX4 is more like a Young enthusiast’s car, with cool features and raring power to put the other similiar class cars at rest. The bottomline : A 25 year old like me, could prefer any car: City or an SX4. But imagine the same for a 35 to 45 year old, He would love to own a City…

  9. Points like engine power would be good if you are a racer. Not for someone who thinks “10 minutes late is better than Never”. Plus, given the condition of Indian roads, does speed ever matter? I think City is a better car because of the “luxury” type feeling it carries along. Imagine your self telling a friend that you have a SX4 as against a Honda City…that’s what matters for me!


  11. i am an sx4 owner and i am proud to be because it’s perfomance is mind blowing. sx4 is really good for long’s power gives me a thrilling experience than any others.its spacious interior & muscular body is fantastic.sx4 has great breaking ,very low maintanance cost more over its good for our pocket. sx4 is really a man. ………””who the man now””’:) 🙂

  12. SX4 is a fantastic car. It is a car for the highway. I like it;it’s looks and comforts. Mileage is around 11.8 to 13.5 in City driving with AC always on. Overall an awesome fun to drive car. SUV like driver view. it is a car for real driving enthusiasts.

  13. The sx4 is a real value for money car. Superb pick-up and power is unimaginable as compared to cars in its segment. Great control at high speed and is very sturdy.Ground clearance is good and the car has a clear Sedan look.

  14. SX4 has good road grip, pick up is good. Definitely more spacious than other cars in same segment. Car styling is good, big boot space. Higher ground clearance avoids any un-noticed bumps on road.its too worth for our money.Enjoy smooth ride.

  15. Bought SX4, after a thorough research and checking out all possible options. Car is big ( boot space), tall, sturdy, heavy ( u feel safe), highway drive is excellent. i drive on CNG, gves me appox Rs 1.25 per km.. My esteem use to give me Rs.70 per km on CNG ( selling it off now). Leg space in rear is ok . Overall a good car

  16. Sx4 is a real pleasure once you start the vehicle…as if sitting on an eager horse which is rearing to go! Perfect steering, keeps the beast in control and pointed at hgh speeds. Have gone upto 140kmph smoothly and the abs brakes are just too good to get you from 80 to stop in traffic signals. I am getting fuel in city of 13km/l . Look no further, go for Sx4.

  17. I am a proud owner of Sx4. Everybody in my locality is envying my Sx4. The car has macho looks, even majestic than the skoda superb. Sx4 is having high ground clearance, hence no problem of water entering car in monsoon seasons. Also, Sx4 engine gives great pickup and power delivery. Sx4 braking is too good. Sx4 is all rounder sedan, and best car of Maruti Suzuki!

  18. ya ,, this is very good for a medium type customer for all type luxury he wants,,, that is fullfilled by the sx4,,, i like this car very much.. i am also prefer for this car to buy…

  19. The information provided on Honda City car was very useful.It is always good to know that their are blogs so dedicated to providing information that is seriously concerned with the reader’s needs.Thanks for sharing your insights with us through your blog.

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