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I received very detailed comments on one of my previous blog posts, asking few questions regarding Logan and DZire. So I’ve decided to answer all these questions here. I think John would be more than happy about this.

? Mileage in city driving you / your friend achieves with / without A.C. on (I don’t want brochure data, I may not be that good a driver to achieve those big numbers).

Dzire Petrol will give you 12 – 14 Kmpl with AC and 14 – 16 without AC depending upon the traffic conditions. Before first servicing mileage may not be that high. So you will have to be patient.

Logan will give you near 12-16 Kmpl with AC and 15-18 Kmpl without AC.

? Driver comfort/ Back / neck comfort/ Road visibility / Smoothness of gear shift

240 mm fore & aft slide range for front seats, 35 mm driver side seat height adjustment will give you full control over seating and road views. Gear Shift is much smoother than all other version of Maruti. Leg room is more in Logan. But I’ll give more points to DZire on all above options.

? Comfort for all / Arm rest comfort / Comfort of rear headrest etc.

Interior space is good in both cars but auto climate control and big rear seat make DZire more attractive than Logan.

? Security – keyless entry / immobilizer / i Cat etc.

These all features are in DZire but not in Logan. iCats is a very effective security feature that Maruti is fitting in each of its models.

? ABS, EBS etc.

Yes these features are in DZire but not in Logan.

? Service / Cost of service / Cost of spares Tubeless Tyres?

Quality of service is good for both of these cars. In Bangalore both companies have their service centers but keep in mind that Logan is made by Renault and hence parts are more costly than DZire. Cost of service is always less for a maruti car. Plus they have a huge network. Tubeless Tyres are third party products and hence same price for both of these cars.

? Ease / difficulty in retrieving the stepney

Easy in both of cars.

? Any problem with engine noise / vibrations

Not till the speed of 110Kmph. Even for diesel engine variant -DZire is supposed to be one of the quitest diesel cars available.

? Any power steering problem at higher speeds

I never found any such problem.

? Any problem with gear ratios

I don’t think so. Gear transmission is very smooth.

? Any problem with suspension on Indian (pot holed) roads

Dzire’s suspension is better than Logan on worst road conditions. On highways Logan has a better pickup but on high speed DZire is a more successful car .

? Any other good or bad about DZire & Logan

From a price perspective DZire is good and looks more modern than Logan. Logan is a good car but looks like an 80’s car. Finally it depends upon people. There are so many car freaks who love Logan, and others crazy for DZire.

I have tried to answer all the point as per best of my knowledge. I welcome your views on the above questions and answers.

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~ by gizmoghost on May 14, 2008.


  1. hi there! This is an very informative piece you provided. It helped me a lot. I also read reviews on them in for swift and for Logan. It is very interesting.

  2. all answers are one sided biased and not so true . for eg. Logan has an engine immobiliser in all models and it is not so hyped/advertises like MAruti oon icats as it is a basic feature. Also by any standards Logan suspension is much superior in ride quality than Dzire. So pl be neutral in your replies.


  3. I agree with ksk

  4. I too agree witj KSK
    This is a MS sponsored review – as you see in most posts. All users of Logan comments on its best in class suspension

  5. Hi there, by any chance, do you work for Maruti Udyog????? This cannot be anything other than a sponsored comparison.
    Point by point:-
    1. Driver comfort – Logan boasts of lumbar support – only car in its class!
    2. Interior space – the two cars are in a different class altogether, Dzire at best can be described “cramped” as compared to Logan (and I am being kind). Dzire has a bigger rear seat! Nothing can be farther from the truth. Logan is the only car that allows three passengers in the rear.
    3. Security – pls do not forget the engine immobiliser in Logan; besides remember the “Chaabi mein Gaadi” offer. It speaks volumes of the confidence the Company has in its security features.
    4. ABS – Logan has it (except the base models of course).
    5. Cost of spares – Logan is cheaper that any other car of its size – Renault and France notwithstanding!
    6. Suspension and high speed stability – well Logan is better by miles, check out any other compared review of both these cars.

    And I do not work for Mahindras, but own a Logan for about six months now. Trust me, Logan is as good a car in this class as any if not better.

  6. maruti swift dzire is the best car

  7. Sorry Amit, But you seem to have got it all wrong buddy. **Smoothness in gear shift in the logan is second best after Skoda.
    **Interior space in Dzire is bad, really bad. Logan trumps.
    **Rear bench in Dzire is too soft for long drives, Logan trumps agn.
    **Immobalizer is as safe, if not more, than the icat.
    **How did you conclude that dzire has better suspension. Sorry, But it is not. Logan pips the dzire straightaway the moment you put it on potholes and bad roads. It infact has 3rd best suspension setup after ford fiesta and the Innova.
    **On the highways, even without ABS and EBD, Logan is a safer car any given day.
    **The only good bits about the dzire are the the initial pickup, smoother clutch and much better interior.
    **C pillars are so thick that you cannot reverse the dzire without opening the ORVMs.

    And the reason why i put all the comments here is because i happen to own both 🙂

    Good Luck,

  8. I wanted to buy a sedan car and went through all the reviews. I am using Maruti dezire (petrol). It gives us only 8 Kmpl. Interior five cannot travel in dezire for more than 2 Hours comfortably. Where us Logan spacing is very good. Driver information system which everyone forget is very much useful in logan tells us how many km it can run with the existing petrol. Dezire 1298 cc engine has more power and torque which gives more comfort for driving and we forget it also gives more strain to the engine. Where as logan Basic model comes with 1390 cc engine. Moreover at present we will have to wait for minimum 5 months for getting a dezire. Why should I wait for 5 months for getting a vehicle when cars are sold like road side market vegetables now a days. Simply Maruti creating a puss as if there are lots of competitions for the vehicles. Going all the showrooms I finally decided to go for logan(Play) though I am very much happy with my existing dezire.

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