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Have you ever successfully used a GPS device on Indian roads? Now you can…
While navigation devices are becoming part of standard equipment in many cars in Europe and the US, it’s still early days here in India. There isn’t much awareness about using GPS devices to find your way around, but now after-market products such as MapmyIndia’s GPS devices are catching on. The new models from the company are user-friendly, with touch-screen functions, and come pre-loaded with the city maps of your choice. The GPS guides you to your destination using voice commands. While the system is easy to use, there are limitations—you cannot enter an exact street address or house number because our cities have not been mapped down to the last block, but it will get you within shouting distance of your desired destination.
Prices range between Rs18,000 and Rs21,000; three models are available.
GPS navigation for all India starting Rs. 990* on your mobile and Rs. 14000* in your car!
Mapmyindia Navigator’s complete series of GPS products, in-car and on-mobile are now available for different tastes, functionalities and price budgets. For your car the MapmyIndia Navigator is available in two hardware models – DELPHI NAV 200 and A-MAX 06GP5A. Along with All India maps (for 19,990*) you can also choose from individual state maps for seven states (for Rs.14,000*). This dedicated device is perfect for your driving and family navigation experience. This is a one time cost only as there are no recurring charges. You can get navigation on your mobile/PDA phone with our onboard and offboard products. Starting Rs. 990* onwards, the MapmyIndia Navigator mobile can turn your PDA/mobile into a full featured navigator. This is perfect for your personal navigation experience.
‘Perfect for her’
Rolling down the car window to ask for directions on the roads is not the safest option for women. It can be easily avoided with the MapmyIndia Navigator. With the help of satellites, the MapmyIndia Navigator can guide you to your destination with clear and accurate instructions. What’s more, you can also find important utilities (ATMs, hospitals, restaurants, petrol pumps, banks etc) on your route with this smart device.
‘Cool for him’
MapmyIndia Navigator is a great gift for your gizmo loving man. He will love the cool device even more when it’s used on the road and when its innovative features are explored. Plus he won’t ever have to ask for directions again!
Easy to use
Anyone can use the MapmyIndia Navigator. In fact once you have indicated you destination, the MapMyIndia Navigator will do the talking. It will lead you to your destination and point out – through voice guidance – if you are on the wrong route. It will also re-calculate the new route for you! The device fits your palm and can be easily carried in a hand bag. In the car it is conveniently fitted on the dashboard or windshield with a flexible mount.
Sophisticated technology and highly accurate maps
The MapmyIndia Navigator is an excellent fusion of the GPS technology– with satellites encircling the earth – and highly accurate and sophisticated maps of India. These maps have been perfected over the last 15 years and are also used by companies all over India for various commercial purposes. Thmapmyindia_gpsey are now available for retail use through the MapmyIndia Navigator.

So now you can have great fun on Indian Roads….Happy driving!

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~ by gizmoghost on May 8, 2008.


  1. Yes, it is a great stuff. Even I read about it in

  2. Nice review, I own AMAX device If you notice there is thin red dotted line pointing outwards from the direction indication. I never understand the purpose of same.

  3. I bought a Map My India Navigator from Map My India website , and to my surprise,i got the GPS device in 3 days and i am very happy with it . I happen to use it almost all the time when i am driving and its now become a habit . All i wish was the volume was a bit high as sometimes i am listening to loud music and happen to miss instructions …though Map My India has the best maps possible but i guess a lot of it can be improved over time as India is fast changing …still these guys have done a great job .
    using the Navigator is like using my mobile now …i have a bad sense of driving and its quite handy..
    The GPS technology in India is relatively new and the Navigator which is a sure head turner . Its one of my best gizmo purchases till date . i am an avid collector of gadgets and i absolutely love the machine. Being a traveler , i love going to outskirts of the city with my friends ….weekend trips etc and the gps comes very handy … so for an instance , once in Ajmer , we lost our way and circled 5 times around the same area .. ..cause my device wasn’t charged and the car had a faulty cigarette lighter … the next day ..when we charged the GS navigator …we realized that we could have reached or destination with ease … so its a very useful product and the best of technology till date.

    Sameer gupta

  4. This article is terrific and up to date. I totally agree with the writer regarding all this stuff of GPS .The information provided in here is very fruitful and i would like to add on one more technology which i found during searching for last two hours on GPS in india
    check it and let me know, what you think about it.
    Ishika Mahajan
    Sales Manager

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