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Do you feel that India is ready for world’s fastest speedsters? I don’t think so, given our traffic and bad road conditions. But major auto manufacturers are ready to zoom in India. I am sharing with you the details of all such cars available in India. Go through it. It’s much more interesting than it appears.

BMW or Bayerische Motoren Werke is one of the most adored cars in India. With almost all its models launched in India (post Auto Expo). The cars of BMW are equipped with features like chip integrated vehicle key, automatic climate control, Panorama Glass roof (X5), rear seat air conditioning (all models), and BMW Hi-Fi systems etc. Starting with its basic 3 series, now you can buy most models from the 5. A “ XL X5 and series even the latest M3 Coupe. BMW M3 coup6, the latest entry to India will mesmerize you with its aerodynamic design and gaudy interiors. This V-8 high-rev engine with 414 bhp is equipped with glove like M seats, the innovative carbon structure leather trim and a BMW assist navigation system to help you with your travel plans by giving information on hotels, flights and traffic updates. The interplay of all these features provides you a sports car experience suited to everyday driving, with a starting price of 74,90,000.

Porsche, the company with medallion-ed logo has actually earned it. Starting with Lohner-Porsche in 1900 and Targa Florio race in 1906, Porsche’s name is now synonymous to speed and style. Its four models in India are Boxter, Cayman, 911 and Cayenne. The coup6 roofline is lightly domed as it arcs its way from the windscreen pillars to merge with the powerful rear section. Drive this 295 hp coup6 at a top speed of 275Kmph and you’ll get carousal. This optimum masterpiece of cockpit ergonomics and spell bounding design begins from 56 lakhs and has storage space at front and back 911 Turbo, the flagship model of Porsche is sleek, slender and takes you to 100 km in 3.9 seconds. With a fuel tank of 66 litres, it flaunts a 6-speed manual transmission Gearbox. It comes with standard and sport seats, a BOSE surround system and a unique Park Assist system.

Lamborghini, The Company, started by Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1963 is owned by Audi. While Lamborghini is the name of a fighting bull, Gallardo is the Spanish word for Gallant. The company’s logo, made of bull, aptly accentuates its flamboyance, raw power and beauty Lamborghini Gallardo, the immortal car, is prised at a steaming one crore and fifty five lakhs. The royal shining coupe, popularly recognised in stunning yellow is made up of 4961 cc displacement speeding up to 315 Kmph, almost thrice our Rajdhani! Its 4.3 metres long and has a fuel tank of 90 litres. The car has a six speed gearbox (reverse gear excluded) and a fuel economy of 15.24 Km per litre. Arrange a minimum of 1.5 crores ones you plan to buy a Gallardo.

The next entrant is from the smble of Bentley Motors. Arnage R (for re6nement), the most talked about car of Bentley is a refined Grand Tourer with a balance of comfort and elegance, of craft and composure. With the 6.75 litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, it has enormous reserves of power. Nevertheless, the 450bhp is delivered in a smooth and progressive manner, enhancing the sense of comfort and control.

Panels of natural wood set off the chrome bright ware of the controls, while fluted seats with either contrasting or matching piping add to an interior ambience that’s as discreet as it is luxurious. The 6761 cc, 450bhp car has a top speed of 270 kmph and begins at 2.55 crores.

Let’s simulate into S80 from Volvo. The latest car nulker entering Indian roads, Volvo has bought its flotilla of cars to India. The recently launched S80 Sedan in three vanants The biggest Sedan comes with Volvo’s Continuously Controlled Chassis Concept (FourC) suspension system that offers three dis- tinctive driving modes: comfort, sport, or advanced. A park assist camera is mounted in the boot lid to enhance your field of vision behind the car. A dual band integrated GSM phone, an RTI navigation system and a Bluetooth hands-free system are the navigation systems of Sedan. The fuel economy, courtesy style and fervor the car has to offer, the fuel economy is not too impressive. For diesel and petrol models, the average is 10km/1and 5-7 km/1in city conditions. While the diesel model starts from Rs 38 lakhs, petrol models start from 39 and 44 lakhs INR.

Super Cars

Hope you know quite a bit about your world’s fastest and most desirable cars now. For more, check out my next blog post.

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2 Responses to “Know Your Dream Speedster”

  1. The demand for luxury cars are increasing in India and so are the luxury models. I also came across that BMW will crossing the sales figure of Mercedes-Benz in India. I was really surprises to read about the upcoming cars to India. Here even the other luxury car lovers can have a glance.

  2. Luxury and Performance has meet years ago and now fancy is not enough. Bells and Whistles with a big number engine. This is what a LUXURY car consists of.

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