Hi all! I have a good news for all Indian bike riders who are looking for a high mileage bike. This is new-gen bike called the — Green Bike — Good for both us and the environment.

Green or sustainable fuel has caught the fancy of customers worldwide. The affordable running cost and higher fuel efficiency has prompted the two wheeler companies to foray into the market and tap its potential.  Just as Bajaj Auto gears up to introduce LPG bikes in the market, TVS Motors is also preparing to launch LPG and CNG versions of its entry-level versions. While the Pune based Bajaj Auto has also chosen its entrylevel 100-cc model, ‘Platina ‘ for the LPG variant and has even given them to customers in cities like Sangli and Ahmedabad for testing. According to industry insiders Bajaj’s bikes would sport a 4-litre LPG cylinder apart from having a 10-litre tank for petrol, with the LPG cranking a mileage of 200 kms for every full tank. 

The two wheeler market leader, Hero Honda is not launching any bikes but has the technology and is waiting for its competitors to test waters initially. Its technology partner Japanese major, Honda Motor Company (HMC) is using the technology for the world-wide market. HMC managing director Asia & Oceania Fumihiko Ike told ET Automania , “We have the technology on alternate fuels and can produce it in India, but there is no market for such products at present.”

According to component vendors, fitting a bike with LPG/CNG cylinder and also having the requisite safety mechanisms would mean an additional price of around Rs 8,000-9 ,000. And the pricing is expected to be a crucial factor in the development of such products. It could also be a major deterrent to the price-sensitive entry level segment.

However, the suppliers of CNG and LPG kits point out that component costs can be brought down once the bike majors start selling the bi-fuel bikes in large numbers. “If the procurement is high, the component companies can afford to keep the prices at relatively lower levels,” the vendor said. And like CNG and LPG cars they could also be a runaway success.

So, now you can save money as well as save our earth. 

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~ by gizmoghost on April 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “GREEN BIKES”

  1. Dear sir, i am interested for your produced in motorbike lpg conversion.please tel me details.
    thank you

  2. green bikes is very beautiful

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