The Scratch

HI all.

May I know what will you do when your new car gets a scratch? “Grumble about the traffic and other drivers”, I know it. Buying a new car is just like a dream come true. Involving high investment, a car is a priceless possession and it is but natural for any car owner to flaunt it. A scratch free clean car with a shining outer finish reflects the true personality of its owner and of course provides an unending driving pleasure too. 

Looking at the increasing
traffic and bumper to bumper driving in metros and other big cities, where road rules broadly operate within the domain of karma, it is really difficult to find a scratch less car. Regardless of all precautionary measures taken, scratches on your automobile are inevitable, and every scratch on your new car demands plenty of money giving you a number of heartaches, after all you’ve put your heart and soul into it!

The authorized paint shops do not touch up the scratches; instead they paint the full panel which costs thousands of rupees. A scratch if left as it is can lead to rusting and later on become more expensive on your wallet. A suitable answer for the removal of scratches quickly and economically is Com-Paint, India‘s first touch-up spray paint to say bye-bye to scratches. Com-Paint is manufactured by using the premium paints as used by car manufacturer to maintain compatibility with the car finish. The new generation color eye technology does the shade matching for precise OEM colors. 

Now learn the steps to fight the scratches.

Prepare surface: Remove loose rust, grease, old paint and wax polish. Wet sand surface with 1000 / 2000 No. emery paper for uniform and smooth finish. In case of exposed metal surface use primer, NC putty and let it dry overnight. Again wet sand and dry surface area. Spray Finishing Solvent to clean the area to be touched up. Wipe off immediately with a clean cloth. Shake the Paint Can vigorously for a minute so that the paint shade is completely mixed. 

Mask the area to be touched up using masking tape and old newspaper so that overspray does not go on to the adjoining painted area. At this point, you will be ready to start working on the scratch itself. Hold the Can straight at least 12″ from the surface and spray in stroking motion to avoid dripping of paint. Apply light coats rather a heavy one. Wait for 5 minutes between coats. Apply immediately Finishing Solvent spray over the peripheral area to rediscover the overspray to give a smooth finish. Let the painted area dry for 72 hours before using rubbing / polish for extra shine, Smooth finish and to remove excessive / overspray from the touched up area. Your job is finished, and your car is back to looking as good as new.

Now you are ready to rock on roads again. From now on whenever your dream car gets a scratch? You must say, “On Sunday, i will again be with my car rather than with my girlfriend.”

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