The Ferrari is the dream car of every car freak. Here’s how Ferraricelebrated its 60th anniversary.

It is 60 years since Ferrari produced its first road car and to mark the occasion the UK has been treated to a never to be repeated spectacle showcasing the world’s most recognizable and exclusive sports car.

A fleet of Ferraris worth more than £80 million took part in the UK leg of a marathon worldwide relay that began in Abu Dhabi in January.  More than 500 Ferrari cars and their owners joined the British tour for the four-day, 1500 miles drive through Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England.

The highlight of the tour was the final leg from London’s St James’s Square to Silverstone as Police closed the roads for this unique convoy to wow the London crowds. The Italian Ambassador flagged the 60 Ferraris off and then it was away down Pall Mall as the expectant crowds were treated to a thrilling spectacle.

Ferrari created a special version of their flagship V12 612 Scaglietti liveried in police colors, driven by off-duty police officers from across the UK as part of the British celebrations to re-enforce the message of responsible driving.

The tour included many of the iconic models from Ferrari’s illustrious history, such as the 250 GTO, Enzo, F40, F50 and Dino as well as modern day classics like the F430 Spider and the latest masterpiece from Ferrari – the award winning 599 GTB Fiorano.

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One Response to “FERRARI F1: DREAM SPEED”

  1. Ferrari is a great hot looking car and it is my dream car. I feel there is no competition for this brand. I was thrilled when I read on that Ferrari will be coming to India.

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