Maruti Swift DZire – Safe driving tips with ABS

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Today I want to discuss a serious topic with all of you. Everybody is looking for security features in their cars these days. But are we really aware how to use these security features?

One of my friends asked me that “what is the significance of ABS system in Maruti Swift DZire”. I liked his question since very few people are really keen to learn about these nuances of driving. I have driven Maruti Swift DZire, so here I will share with you the relevance of ABS and driving tips for ABS fitted cars.

Four-wheel ABS is a safe, effective braking system when used properly. It offers an important safety advantage by preventing the wheels from locking during emergency braking situations, allowing drivers to maintain control over steering and operate vehicles more effectively. Now read carefully-

Always “brake and steer” when using four-wheel anti-lock brakes. With ABS, all you have to do is “brake and steer”. With four-wheel ABS, push the brake pedal while steering normally and keep your foot firmly on the brake pedal until the car comes to a complete stop. Don’t take your foot off the brake pedal or pump the brakes, because that will disengage the anti-lock system.

Remember that you can steer while you are braking with four-wheel anti-lock brake systems. Steer clear of hazards while keeping your foot firmly on the brake pedal. Be aware that your vehicle will not turn as quickly on a slippery road as it would on dry pavement.

Drive safely, because your anti-lock brakes are only as good as the driver using them. Anti-lock brakes cannot compensate for driving faster, more aggressively, or maintaining unsafe following distances. They cannot guarantee recovery from a spin or skid prior to an emergency braking situation. Avoid extreme steering maneuvers while your anti-lock brake system is engaged.

Expect noise and vibration in the brake pedal when your anti-lock brakes are in use. These sensations tell you the ABS system is working properly.

Anti-lock brake systems can stop more quickly than conventional brakes on wet paved surfaces and on icy or packed snow-covered roads. Stopping distances can be longer on loose gravel or freshly fallen snow, although drivers won’t experience the lock-up of the wheels usually associated with conventional hard braking. Therefore, drivers will still have the ability to steer around objects in front of them—such as another car.

Know that there is a difference between four-wheel and rear-wheel ABS. Four-wheel ABS prevents wheel lock on all four wheels giving the driver improved control over steering.

I hope you all are now more aware about the ABS system and will enjoy safer drive on your Maruti Swift DZire.


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2 Responses to “Maruti Swift DZire – Safe driving tips with ABS”

  1. is the ABS in swift a 4-wheel ABS or a 2-wheel version? As I understand, all versions of swift have disc brakes in front and drum at the rear. If it is a 4 wheel version, does it mean that due to the ABS, the discs would be only as efficient as the drums? (Taking the anti-lock principle into account)

    Can you please help me clear the above confusion?

  2. Stunning – very stunning topic. I will blog about it as well!

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