Harley Davidson – Bikers go on a Customisation Spree

Hi all. Are you a fan of Harley-Davidson? Nevertheless, Harley’s continued absence from India continues to be a café table issue with avid bikers. A booming economy, increasing incomes and a penchant for wheels, customization of vehicles – both two- and four-wheeler – is notching new highs in the country.

While we must wait and watch how Harley’s Indian tryst unfolds, on foreign soil things have progressed further. Style and distinction are paramount to owners of a Harley-Davidson model. These are built to satisfy the dreams of those people who didn’t want to be bound by the shackles of only the limited models HD offers. These hard-to-satisfy folks want their motorcycles flashier, lower, longer, faster, louder or some even quieter. Many riders even want their HD to tilt more towards the basic look. And that’s where customised bikes and AR Harley & Sons take over. These bikes are not just concepts, but ‘real’ street-ready motorcycles that can be ridden and enjoyed. They may not be as practical as a Royal Enfield Bullet in everyday use, but they do offer unmatched style and massive street presence. Custom bike building is today an art form in its own right and should not be seen as just providing a means of transport centre-less or glass wheels or forks so long that going around corners is done with your foot down as long as the style is fantastic. India’s got loads of biking- friendly weather and great lengths of wide and twisting highway winding around various types of terrain, all of which come together to form a perfect backdrop for comfy cruisers like Harleys. What’s more, with work on the Golden Quadrilateral nearly complete and considerable progress in the North-South, East-West corridor project which is expected to be completed by 2009, the stage seems to be set for good times on the cruising front.

Harley Davidson Bike
Look when Harley will finally hit the Indian roads.


~ by gizmoghost on April 8, 2008.

One Response to “Harley Davidson – Bikers go on a Customisation Spree”

  1. i wanna harley davidson deuce i like the style of it how much is one used please reply!

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