Hi all. I have already discussed my test drive experience of Maruti Swift Dzire on this blog. While surfing on net i noticed that there are a few people who are claiming that Logan is much better than Maruti Swift DZire. So for comparing both cars I drove both and studied the details of both cars. Here is my take on Maruti Dzire Vs. Mahindra Logan.

Both the cars have their own positives and negatives. But Swift Dzire beats Logan as an overall package. The engine capacity of Logan is more than of Swift DZire but interestingly the power and torque of Logan is less than Swift DZire. Also the P/wt Ratio of DZire is better than Logan. The higher power and torque of DZire will result in faster acceleration, more speed, more pulling power, less gear changes, and therefore more driving pleasure, easy drivability and more fuel economy.

If we come to interior than Swift DZire has fantastic interior with stereo mounted steering, tilt steering, auto climate control and stylish dashboard. The security features like ABS, EBD, i-cats are added advantage in Maruti Swift DZire. Whereas Logan is a very basic car, devoid of any attractive features. Opinion on looks varies from person to person. Some say Logan is good looking and other say DZire is. In my opinion DZire has great looking compared to the box like Logan.

Many people had asked me to post this comparison and hence I am writing. I welcome your reviews and experiences as well.

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~ by gizmoghost on April 4, 2008.


  1. Logan may have boxy looks but why havn’t you mentioned about the interior space of both cars? The Logan has the biggest boot – 510 litres where as the Dzire has only 440 litres of boot space, Logan is wider than all C-segment cars and even some D-segment cars – Mercedes Benz C-Class, Toyota Corolla, Chevrolet Optra, Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Verna, Honda City, Maruti Swift Dzire, Ford Ikon, Hyundai Accent, Tata Indigo, Mahindra Scorpio, Tata Sumo, Hindustan Ambassador.

  2. Wide body is not the only criteria that makes a car good. I agree it is a wider car, but so is ambassador. That doesn’t make amby a great car. You have to admit that it is a completely basic car. Mahindra should look at revamping the car now. It needs an upgrade to fight swift dzire

  3. I agree with Mr. C. Kanyal. Wide body doesn’t mean it’s a great car and overall check out the no. of service stations in all over India. It’ s car for commercial sector.

  4. The question is not just of wider body on the logan. WHy are all if u missing the most critcal factor – ride quality. Ever sat in the back of a Swift / Dzire .. it is cramped. A pot-hole and u are thrown about….. In a Logan the ride is great…

    Talking of safetey, ABS and Air bags do not make a car safe. Yes Logan should have these…. but even without them lOGAN is a much safer car because of the build quality. Ever seen a Swift (or for that matter any Maruty car) after a small crash !!!

  5. I have sat on the back seat of swift DZire and it is definitely not cramped. And I have also seen logan – its build quality is nothing exceptional.

  6. Logan is good car. I am using it. I got petrol version 1.6GLS. Number one priority for me before i decided Logan was ride quality and space. The only car which gave gr8 experience while test driving was logan. I was surprised with the ride quality. I was considering Inova/Honda city/Feista/verna. But before that i took test drive of Logan, just to be sure before i decide. I became fan of logan after test driving it atleast 5to 6 times on different days. Over and above i was saving 3L+ of money. I took a chance and i am happy with it. Dzire may be good in many aspect but Logan is a true sedan and built as sedan from very first day. Dzire is convert and can’t say whether its going to be a good product or not. No doubt currently Maruti is better brand then Mahindra logan. But Logan is not that bad as it is posted on Internet. It is very comfortable car with good Fuel economy…i am getting 13+ with AC.

  7. Hello all –

    I’m willing to buy a car by this year and trying to choose between Logan and Dzire. The features I’ll be looking in my car are –
    1. price range [on road] not exceeding 5.75lacs
    2. bigger legspace for rear seats [as most of the time i’ll be on the back seats – fyi: i’m a 6 feet tall man with 90kgs weight]
    3. good fuel economy [i’ll travel around 35kms per day]
    4. safe and comfortable ride.

    Plz suggest which one would be good for me.


  8. Guys, lets not forget that Logan is a Renault first…and thats one of the best car companies in the world… much ahead of Suzuki in any class.

  9. I have booked a Maruti Dzire, on the basis of the feedback on Swift received from different people and the features of Swift Dzire. My friend is having Mahindra Logan, it’ a good car, very spacious, but milage is only 7/8KPL in petrol and the security and other features of Swift Dzire are not available in Logan.

  10. Hi Everyone!!!

    I own an Logan 1.4 GLX – Petrol version, Let me try to explain My logan, the car is extremly good
    Space inside the car is really great – the boot is also good.

    Let me tell every one that the LOGAN have the securiy which is greater than the I cat system offered by the Maruthi, but the company is not highlighting it any were but it comes with the car.

    Handling and the drive quality is superior to any c segment – drive it to feel it :). Ac gives a higher cooling compared to all other models in the segment. Definitly a value for money …

    You can cruise in 130 – 140 easily and the car is stedy and stable , Hat’sup to Renault and mahindra.

    Last not the least , i am getting a mileage of 13 KM in city and around 16 KM /perliter on high ways. There is no way anyone can get 7/8 KMs per liter :).

    If some one looks for mielage please check the DLE version which give 22 KM / Liter

  11. Hey All,

    Well I see that people are being biased here about their cars. As far as the true comparison goes,

    Dzire looks better than Logan

    Logan is bigger and spacious than Dzire

    Logan gives me 18+ mileage with deisel, more than Dzire.

    Dzire has better safety features than Logan.

    Logan has better ride comfort than Dzire.

  12. Dear Friends,

    Renault Logan is sold simultaneously in 42 countries. Swift Dzire is sold only in India!!! Do we need more proof to understand that Renault Logan is a proven product?

  13. George Thomas Kurian i agree with you. Swift Dzire needs to still prove itself. It is just launched. Over and above its a convert and not a Sedan by birth hence lets see how its goes.

  14. hi friends

    Dont Forget about the resale value…

    i had zen 2000 model n i sold it for 1.45 lacs last month ( after 8 years )..

    earlier i sold my palio , i drove my palio for 3 years n sold it for rs 2.2 lacs ( the orignal price was 4.8 lac at that time)

    well i think resale value does matters……

    n no one can beat maruti in this…

  15. Dear all,

    It was interesting to read about the DZire & Logan. As I am planning a car soon, I would be grateful if DZire & Logan users help me with comparison of the following aspects of the two cars. I would prefer a comparison between the top end versions of the two cars (pertrol only comparisons please). In the Logan 1.6 top end.
    1) Mileage in city driving you / your friend achieves with / without A.C. on (I don’t want brouchure data, I may not be that good a driver to achieve those big numbers).
    2) Mileage on the highway you / your friend achieves with / without A.C. on.
    3) Driver comfort
    – Back / neck comfort
    – Road visibility ( I am 5′ 10″)
    – Height
    – A-pillar and lateral visibility angle
    – Left foot comfort when not using the clutch
    – Switches / controls orientation / access
    – Smoothness of gear shift
    – Trip / other computer and usefulness of data for driver
    4) Comfort for all
    – Arm rest comfort
    – Utility value of pockets, glove box, cup holder etc.
    – Comfort of rear headrest etc.
    – Comfort of seats (back / neck)
    5) Security – keyless entry / immobilizer / i Cat etc.
    6) ABS, EBS etc.
    7) Service
    – Quality of Maruti / Mahindra’s service and not number of service centers, I live in Bangalore
    – Cost of service
    – Frequency of service prescribed (Km / Time)
    – Cost of spares
    8) Tubeless tyres?
    9) Ease / difficulty in retrieving the stepney
    10) Any problem with engine noise / vibrations
    11) Any power steering problem at higher speeds
    12) Any problem with gear ratios
    13) Any problem with suspension on Indian (pot holed) roads
    14) Any other good or bad about DZire & Logan


  16. Logan is really the better of the two. My family too had come to face a similar kinda situation in which to choose between DZire and Logan. We now own a flashy red Renault Logan DLE 1.5. We are very happy with it and dont see any blemishes in its looks. Wonder why ppl dislike its figure. It looks better than DZire to me. In my opinion DZire is nothing but a Swift with a BUTT.

  17. I have a Logan 1.6 Petrol and the experience so far has been fantastic. I, in fact wanted to buy a Dzire first, but the waiting time was just a bit too much – 4 months! In today’s fast moving market conditions, who knows what will happen in 4 months! What if the performance of the car is not so good as it has been promised? On the other hand, Logan has been in the market for over 1.5 years now and the response has been pretty good. You would be surprised to know that it has sold more than Honda City, SX4 and Hyundai Verna in Mar/Apr 08. It has acutually been a blessing in disguise for me that Dzire was not available off the shelf and I went for a Logan. Trust me, you wont regret your decision if you go for a LOGAN. I have even got a CNG kit fitted and even after that, there is more space left than the boot space offered by Dzire

  18. Hi, thanks to every body for your valuable posts. i think this will be quite usefull for those who are planning a car on indian roads.. but will be much better if you speak in the new people(people who doesnt know much about cars) perspective. rather than making this a debate conversation… thank you… thanks for one who support this blog or site

  19. I own a Logan Diesel and done 20000+ km till today.
    Used to travel long (upto 1600 km in single streach) self driving but never felt tired.Getting good milage, 18+ with AC on long drive at a speed 120+. (Short runnig, getting 16+) Breaking is good; twice I had to break hard at a speed 140+, by gods grace didnt skid / drift. Driven through high altitudes, never felt lack of power. Used to travel long with family, they feel the ride comfort is good. Steering response and gearshift is good. Driven through rough roads for more than 500 Km in a streach but the comfort was good and vehicle have good ground clearance. (I feel it is more than the manufacturers claim, you can also measure it) Till now, didnt faced any major issues and the minor issue was only sound from the front doors.
    I never got a chance to drive Dzire (long drives through different areas) so cannot comment.

  20. Hi ,

    I own a logan and must say this car is good and cannot be compared with Dzier…..

  21. People who say Swift Dzire has better safety features really don’t know about car safety features at the first place. Logan has Euro rating 3 which is equivalent to Merc and other top end cars. Dzire is all marketing hula from a company who is cash rich. Logan cannot be compared to a half cooked car.

  22. really a good feedbacks…
    I am also planning to buy a car (actually comparing between Swift diesel or renault (dielse or petrol)…
    But after reading all the above looks logan will be better as I am looking mileage, driving comfort for long drive, and different kind of roads, with 5 people in it.
    So thanks to everyone.

    I am not a person who drives much (may be 20 per day) max
    But lover of long drive mostly (400 to 500 km) in a stretch.

    So which one will be a better decision … petrol or diesel as I am looking for a good resale value logan car.

    which one has more resale value ???

  23. Hi Guys,
    I wanna decide between logan and Dzire (base version petrol car). I am not a driver as of now but learning to drive and hence i havent gone for test ride. Will you please help me in making a choice inbetween two? I have heard even though DZire has same configuration as of swift it has better performance(pick up n power) then swift. Please post your replies in terms of mileage, Ride Quality, Space, performance and stability of the car


  24. After reading all the comments, I’m going for logan…….

  25. I completely agree with the fact that a ride in DZIRE’s rear seat is definitely uncomfortably bumpy and not comfortable….

  26. just for dzire go for logon
    i am dzire owner.
    its not up to the mark wrt mileage and safty aspects build qualify
    ride comport.

  27. guys,
    recently I had a test drive of the mahindra logan, its an awesome car and true value for money.
    the petrol version 1.4 top model has Air Bags, ABS The car has lot of space in the rear seat, and the boot is absolutely awesome even if you fit a LPG or CNG kit still it has lots of space for Luggage.
    And apart from that The top model for 1.4 lts with Air Bag and ABS cost only 5.6 lakhs at Hyderabad.
    So I would say its pretty good with that price.
    And I have also checked out the Swfit dezire, well it does not have much space in the rear part.

    In logan The head rests are good
    AC is too good, riding quality was too good, I couldn’t even guess when it touched 100+ on the test drive…
    So I must suggest for Logan…

  28. I have booked a Maruti Dzire Vdi ( matallic clear Beize ) in April first week and i m going to get delivery in september. If anyone interested in buying Dzire VDI then call me.


  29. I own a logan 1.5 dlsx.i tried to take it to its extreme and believe me it went upto 200km/h very smoothly without any vibrations

  30. I am planning to buy a car soon. I have set my eyes on LOGAN but I am still wary about few things.(Only petrol)
    1) Resale value (I am planning to sell off the car after may be 8-10 years of use)
    2) Rear leg room space, driver leg room space (I am 6’2″, big built)
    3) Quality of after sales service in Mumbai
    4) Features as compared to other cars in this segment
    5) Fuel economy (I have seen very conflicting reports on this)

    Feedback on these aspects will help me in finalising my choise.

  31. In my opinion dzire has more features and qualities comparing with logan

  32. My opinion- DZIRE, Reasons,
    1.I dont think LOGAN will be in mkt after another 5yrs.Hence spares and resale value is going to go ….
    2.DZ is a very accepted in mkt,The long Q speaks volumes

  33. Hello All – very interesting comments. I drove a Swift the other day at 175 kmph and found it very steady and safe at that speed including the braking. This said, I am about fully decided, after reading all the comments on this space, to go in for a Logan deisel. Why, O why, did Uno ever go out of the market?!!!!!

  34. hi,
    i recently test drove 3 cars- logan, swift dzire diesel and vista quadrajet.

    i drive daily 70 kms. both in city and on highway. also every 6 mths i make a long trip with my family. I considered the following points b4 booking my car…..wait i’ll tell u wic one i did in the end:

    As i drve alt acc to me this is a very imp aspect, i’ve been driving my tata sierra for 14 yrs now. Trust me after sales service of tata sucks big time. If u get stuck on the highway u are done with it. Mahindra service centers r equally bad. Maruti is the best and most economical. also spares easily available. i’m scared LOGAN may bcom extinct in another 5 yrs.

    LOGAN leads in this aspect, as it has a better suspension as compared to vista and even Dzire. also sitting in 2nd row is more comfortable in a logan.

    3> THE DRIVE:
    2 things i considered here: engine and gear box.
    i consider this aspect very imp if u like driving and not to be driven by a chaffeur. i LOVE driving. Dzire gives u the best drive by far among all the rest. Thou vista has the same engine u cant compare the drive even wit the shadow of the swift. logan is ok.but no way near.
    gear shifting was much easier in the swift than the logan or even vista wic has fiat gear box.

    swift is much better according to me. Vista appears good but if observe closely wic i did, found the panel nuts loosely fitted. also noise inside is more in a vista and logan as compared to swift.

    nothing great about all 3; logan looks worst. versa looks best. swift is just ok.

    6> MILEAGE:
    = on highway with a/c swift DZIRE gives 18kms/l: logan 22km/l;
    vista 15km/l
    = inside city with a/c dzire gives 15, logan 18, vista 13

    7> BOOT SPACE:
    logan leads by miles……

    the logan is defi cheaper as compared to dzire, also gives much better mileage. but servicing is defi more than maruti as spares are expensive. vista just forget it.

    Now the final verdict:
    I booked a swift DZIRE LDI basic version….think its best among the lot.

  35. @FSR: Stop faking on the blogs. I know you very well – you don’t have a driving license dude.

  36. That migght be a valid point… What is the future of Logan after 5-7 years? Any idea about the Mahindra’s plan for Logan?

  37. Hi,

    I have a 1.6 GLX petrol model and already covered 10000Km in 8 months and the ride quality is too good. We are not going to drive in any race track to really worry about ABS brakes and Airbags.
    As iam an automotive engineer by professional Logan has a very good build up and in case of any crash it has a good energy absorbing capacity by proper crashing behavior due to its less thickness at specific areas. So it will not give a sutivation of you getting struck up during an accident. Even if you have airbag and ABS in your car you cannot expect an opposite car hitting you will have all these safety things. After a crash the airbags will blow and help you in preventing you from throw out of the car but if the front end of the car is not crushing and it will crumble between A and B pillar which will not you to escape or any hard part hurting you. Sorry for being to technical but this is the true fact. Regarding suspension its very soft so you may get a feel you are moving up and down a lot during a pot hole but its good then having hard suspension were it will transfer hard vibration to you and body of the car. Please donot expect you will not feel a pot hole has passed its only possible in very high end cars like Porce or Jaguar. All cars starting from 3lacs to 15(teen lacs) cars will feel the pot hole.

  38. Hi all ,
    As I am also facing the same problem and is a fix as to which car is better LOGAN OR Dzire . After going through the above review , it is noticed that no one has touched the issue of service stations , service charges and after sale service which is of great concern so this auspect is also very importatnt. TO my view Logan owner may face such problem as getting your vehicle seviced will be a great problem for them. Pl advise me on this.

  39. Logan is definitely the stronger of the two. Mahindra is known for making tough masculine cars. Logan’s looks compliments its toughness. Besides, its a sedan with the best mileage and space. I am 6ft 2inches tall and heavy set and Logan easily accommodates me. And speaking of mileage in real world conditions, it seems that Logan has achieved a mileage of 30.36 kmpl in a 981 Km drive on NH8 from Delhi to Ahmedabad. I read the story on http://www.mahindrarenault.com/emailer/overdrive_final.pdf. Even my bike doesn’t give me that kind of an average. Logan gives you the feel of a Sedan much more than Dzire

  40. Logan scores on Dzire in terms mileage, Space and drive comfort. it is a tough vehicle so you can even rough it out on it. As far as the design goes, I feel it is a very intelligent european design. The bulges on the side are actually for the arm rests giving more space inside. And it has the biggest boot (510 litres). You can carry way more luggage in Logan than in dzire.

  41. The author has compared the two cars point by point in a different post. This is the reply that I had posted there. Since there is more recency here, just thought that the others may also get benfitted.

    Hi there, by any chance, do you work for Maruti Udyog????? This cannot be anything other than a sponsored comparison.

    Point by point:-
    1. Driver comfort – Logan boasts of lumbar support – only car in its class!

    2. Interior space – the two cars are in a different class altogether, Dzire at best can be described “cramped” as compared to Logan (and I am being kind). Dzire has a bigger rear seat! Nothing can be farther from the truth. Logan is the only car that allows three passengers in the rear.

    3. Security – pls do not forget the engine immobiliser in Logan; besides remember the “Chaabi mein Gaadi” offer. It speaks volumes of the confidence the Company has in its security features.

    4. ABS – Logan has it (except the base models of course).

    5. Cost of spares – Logan is cheaper that any other car of its size – Renault and France notwithstanding!

    6. Suspension and high speed stability – well Logan is better by miles, check out any other compared review of both these cars.

    And I do not work for Mahindras, but own a Logan for about six months now. Trust me, Logan is as good a car in this class as any if not better.

  42. hello,
    i have not purchased any of the cars, dzire is much better if you want to show off your style and if you want to impress others on the road with it’s acceleration power…..whereas logan is a design and has a engine imported from romania(original company-dacia), and it’s a success over there for about 8-10 years or may be more…. but if you get back to the 1980’s then logan is a car equivalent to ambassadors….my opinion is dzire is a show-off whereas logan is a utility……….

  43. Hey Guys, i take this oppurtunity to share a smile with the proud owners of Renault. we recently had a drive to Pondycherri from chennai Via ECR – this is a road you guys should try on with a batmobile. 180 KMS of one streach straight track (not a road), happened to drive logan diesel. and happy to tell you that RENAULT is always the undisputed leader in its class.

  44. I am interested to buy VDi Swift Desire.Can anyone give their comments if this car is having some drawback compared to other of same category and price ranging.At high speed how is the control of this vehicle specially in the bumps.What about the breaking aspects. Is it safe on high speeds?Please reply on my e-mail: estevam.dias@rediffmail.com>
    Estevam Dias March29th 2009 at 7AM




    VISIT clublogan.com and read all pros and cons about the car indepth before making any decisions.



  46. Would not recommend for Dzire. It is nothing but boot with Swift.

    Logan is definitely better than Dzire or Swift.
    Visit clublogan.com and find out for yourself


  48. i’m very confused within mahindra logan and swiftdesire.plz guide me in purching car

  49. I tested both Logan and Dzire. Logan is a difficult car for self driving, pickup very less, not climbing a hillock. But got good space and very good back space and good ac effect. Further one important drawback is the foggy refecltion on windscreen due to the colour of the dashboad. It has also hindered the daytime driving. For self driving, Dzire is much comfortable, pickup good and climbs hillock little easily. It has less space compared to Logan in all aspects. But yu dont have any foggy reflection in windshield due to the dark grey colour of Dzire dash board.In short, Dzire is better for self driving, Logan better with a qualified able footed driver.

  50. i think dzire petrol has better performance then logan petrol versions

  51. I completely agree with Rajeevan,
    I too have a Logan and the car is amazing.
    But i so wish that i had waited for the new Logan Play which they have come up with.
    i checked it out on http://www.facebook.com/MahindraRenaultLogan
    But again, i wont regret my decision to own a Logan,
    One of the best decisions i have made!!!!!!!!!

  52. Mahindra Renault Logan Play
    The car rocks.

    It has really trendy look and comes with alloy wheels, vinyls and a host of features like USB music system, parking sensor, driver info system, etc.

    Check out the official page.


  53. I own a logan edge 1.4 for one and a half years.I have driven it on some of the roughest roads in himachal for 15000 kms.Still no problems as yet.It is a very practical car with lots of boot space good milage, power and ground clearance.ride is good and service at Chandigarh and Delhi is good.

  54. i too is confused between logan and drzire. having swift lxi at present.want to exchange it with a bigger car hving better fuel efficiency. confused with corrola as well?can anybody will suggest me?

  55. I got a logan in March 2008 and have driven it to all parts of the country. I have travelled in it to Laddakh via Manali and have come back from Kashmir. Needless to say that the car performed absolutely wonderfully. It crossed all high altitude passes (Khardungla, Taklangala, Changla, Jozila, Fotula, Barlachala, Nakeela, Rohtang etc) with a lot of ease. It has a strong body and a great suspension and drove on the pathetic roads with minimal bouncing around. I also want to mention that Logan is one of the only cars which comes with a company fitted engine guard, that’s an excellent feature.

    I have also driven my Logan to Goa from Delhi in Jun 2010. I covered a total distance of 5000 KM in 15 days. Infact I did Mumbai to Delhi (1500 KM) in one day. I was very aprehensive how the car would run. As I had never done so much on any car in one day. Car just cruised at speeds of 130 – 150 KMPH and was a pleasure to drive. Very stable ride.

    It gives excellent milage of 13 KMPL in city with AC for a 1600 CC Petrol car.

    Widest rear seat. Maximum leg space, both for front and rear seats. Comfortable for 3 adults.

  56. 9811301769

  57. LOGAN too is my choice, but if after sales services are poor, I have to think again before taking final decision. BUT why the company will be so irresponsible about after sales service in such a competitive market?

  58. Logan – stability of car is awesome. you can drive at 160 without seeing any sign of shivering in the car. renault petrol engine is great. and my mechanic says that the steel used in the car is muc thicker than that of any maruti car… my take is logan

  59. Great car guys, Go for Logan, there is no comparison with Dzire, I have test driven both and finally made the choice for Logan. It is built like a tank, rock solid, great space, steady drive, excellent milage , looks may not be great but better than swift with a butt (Dzire). Anyone who knows about cars will go for Logan others like cattle will follow the herd and go for Maruti.

  60. This is in continuation to my earlier comment. My Logan Diesel had crossed 67000 KM and till today the vehicle is performing as new. (Very good comfort level, Overall Milage 18+ KMPL with AC, good steering control, effective breaking, No maintanance)The tyre life is good (50000 KM, it can be safely extended to another 5000) and the only issue I faced is AC evaporator (cooling side) leak. The overall package is very good and it was a very good decision to go for Logan.


  62. Logan is the best car in its segment on indian roads and more efficient.

  63. Guys,
    test drive figo, its a good car, gone are the days when we really needed a long boot.. its time to go for small cars in the city.. now figo has advantages at cities as well as in highways…

    so trust me its a better car…

  64. Hi friends ,i have a logan dle1.5.in cars i mostly like their milage,acceleration,wide body.if someone wants to buy a car i suggest him to buy logan.if you have any doubt about logan contact me on my email address.

  65. Only a pandu will write such a useless review.

  66. I have purchased used GLS1.6 model last month. It has been a great experience of driving. The pick up, stability is great and uncomparable to other sedans. Its really a value for money.

  67. Guys, i want to buy a car and confused with Mahindra Logan and Indigo eCS. Please suggest.

  68. I own a logan and i can admit, looks wise it may not be as good as Maruti Dzire, but as far as drive comfort, grip on the roads logan is superb. absolutely one can feel 100% satisfied on those factors.

  69. Hi Chandra,

    I am planning to purchase VERITO D6 DIESEL sedan in another four months.

    My main concerns for any car are Crash test passed, strong built quality, bigger inner-space, good competitive mileage and of-course value for money!

    On these parameters, kindly advice me for which car I should go! VERITO or SWIFT DZIRE!


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