Piracy: Demon of Economy

Hi All! we all have read and heard that Piracy is a crime and it harms the entertainment and software industry. Recently the US-India Business Council (USIBC) has released a new study showing huge job and revenue losses to the Indian economy as a result of piracy in India’s burgeoning entertainment industry. The study–”The Effects of Counterfeiting and Piracy on India’s Entertainment Industry’–prepared for USIBC by Ernst & Young India, shows as much as Rs16,000 crores are lost each year due to piracy. As many as 800,000 direct jobs are also lost as a result of theft and piracy, afflicting India’s entertainment industry.

Yes the above figures are right. I saw these today in Mint newspaper. Government and software industry are very serious about piracy. But what are your views? I don’t think it is a crime. Essential softwares need to be original but not all. Think again. I have personally never used any pirated software because I have enough money to buy original softwares, but I’ve seen my friends.  One of my friends is earning only Rs.12000INR month. Now he works on Microsoft visual studio. The original visual studio 2005 costs 14000.00INR without MSDN Library in it. If we go to purchase Microsoft Office 2007 then you have to pay 13000.00INR and more for it. For simple OEM OS you have to pay minimum 5000.00INR without other packages. Then again updated softwares keep coming every 8-10 months.

Now think of the majority in India. I think only 2 and 3% of total users are capable to pay for original softwares. No one wants to use pirated stuff, but the prices are so high that people are forced to do that.  I think software industries and government should give these points a thought.  Just saying that piracy is a crime and stop this won’t help.

A soultion needs to found.


~ by gizmoghost on April 1, 2008.

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