Maruti DZire reviews

Hi all. Swift DZire is now available in showrooms, and the net is full of initial test drive reports. I spent better part of Sunday searching for Swift DZire reviews. Looks like Maruti DZire has a huge fan following already. I saw a number of reviews on Maruti DZire, and by and large the feedback was positive. People have loved the looks, the features and the price for sure.  I went to see the car at my nearby Maruti Dealer. There was a long waiting period for the test drive. So now I have to go for a test drive tomorrow or day after.  I will give my review only after i drive it.  Currently, I drive a wagon R. I might just consider upgrading to a sedan like Maruti Swift DZire in a month or so, if i like the car.

All depends on that test drive i am scheduled to go for.

So, have you taken a test drive the Maruti Swift DZire yet or not? I have already shared with you some tips for test driving. So observe these and please get back with your feedback. 


~ by gizmoghost on March 31, 2008.

23 Responses to “Maruti DZire reviews”

  1. I did go for test drive – I liked the way car zooms up even in 2 -3 rd gear from low speed.. I have alredy booked the car & I am sure to get delivery by this sunday 6th APRIL..

  2. Fantastic car dear……I was initially gonna buy a Logan diesel and went for Dzire etst drive just as a matter of fact to sort of complete a formality…..But was completely overwhelmed by the test drive and instantly changed my mind after taking into accouont a few pros n cons……Its surely is a Value for money car………….grgeat features at a near easonable price with stylised interiors and exteriors…what else so you want in this section……

  3. I went to see Swift Dzire, it’s fantastic car, a lot of interrior space improvement from Swift. Boot space is good, Interiors are good, seats are comfortable. I took test drive also , good thing is car has driving comfort + good pickup even when AC is on. Engine is already proven so in my opinion Maruti had got one more winner in there kitty (Fabia, Logan, Fiesta be aware or work on reducing your prices)..

  4. Maruti is no different from TATA, its proven by the launch of DZire (Adding Boot will not make a great car). Also you cant pick this car from the shelf it has a waiting period of three months, then why launch a car if they cant meet the demand??
    Maruti wakeup its all about demand and supply, even now a Swift petrol has a 30 days waiting period and desiel has three months..

  5. I recently took a test drive DZire Diesel variant, it felt quite good. Good pick up and comfortable driving. Engine is almost noiceless and min vibration. I had almost decided on Indica DLG, but I might change my Mind nad finally opt for this car. I recomment this highly for those looking at reasonably priced Diesel Sedan. It will be a value for money

  6. Hi,
    I am really impressed with this Sedan. Interiors and the exterior looks awsome. I also took a test drive of a Petrol and a Desel version. Both seemed pretty good. Surprisingly diesel also has good pick up as the petrol with neglegible noise. I want to confirm with one mechanical feature – shock absorbers. I dont now whether its a roumer or the news which i have heard is ture about the shock absorbers. Maruti has used the same shock absorbers as in swift and that is creating a problem in Dzire when the boot is havily loaded. Shock absorbers used are not sufficient n Dzire. Is that true due to which maruti is planning to slow down the production and rectify this problem in all the produced cars. OR are they dispatching the ready cars in the market without rectifying the problem?

  7. Maruti Dzire … issues in Shock absorbers …. I have also heard the same thing. There are some issues with that when the the boot is loaded.

    Otherwise the car looks and feels excellent.

  8. I have booked dzire a coupe of weeks back, but i just received a letter from them informing me that it may take upto 6 months for the delivery.. I’m very, very depressed….

  9. The maruti dealers in hyderabad are telling waiting period is atleast 7 months to 1 year !!! And every customer booking the vehicle has to sign a form which says that the customer is ready to wait for any amount of time for the car delivery ( which could as well be a year).

    This is a complete bullshit trick being played by maruthi. Y do they launch the car when they cannot produce them ? Dealers are being supplied 20-30 cars per month and they have bookings of 500 – 600 already!!!

  10. Even I heared the same story that there is problem in Shock absorbers and thats why they have slow down the delivery of vehicle, please provide additional information in this regards

  11. The Dzire, the sedan version of Maruti Swift Dzire is definitely a perfect entry level sedan. It is more luxurious and spacious too. The Dzire is a replacement of Maruti Esteem. Only time will tell us if it will click the swift hatchback. I read the review on and must say it was impressive

  12. Any update from Maruti on the shock absorbers problem. Is it still there in the cars that are being delivered?

    • well guys just now spoke to one the technicians of maruthi swift dzire…he has guaranteed me that no such shock absorbers problem would be found in this car… cheers..

  13. I have booked a Maruti Dzire Vdi ( matallic clear Beize ) in April first week and i m going to get delivery in september. If anyone interested in Dzire VDI, then delivery can be done in his name with very nominal premium.


  14. really sorry to say that i have booked three months back still iam waiting. From the test drive i find it beat all the other branded car in this segment.

  15. I had booked a VDi model in May 2008. Not yet delivered. No idea about delivery schedule.

  16. Hi all,

    I am not a regular comment poster on websites. But I would really take a chance to do now, after owing a swift dzire Petrol version or rather say Lxi. I know this will not be so much meaningful to those who owns this car, but gonna certainly help those who are planning to purchase a dzire or a sedan car.

    Believe me! this is one of the vehicle in market which competely justifies your money. I am sure within this much of Budget, you cant get this kind of luxury, comfort and a pride to drive a sedan car thats too from the biggest brand of India. I did a lot of research at least for an year which was very painful to hold on for such a long time, but it really paid off, once I decided to go for dzire. I am the one who knows the specification of all the sedan models now in market in, but relax i am not gonna run you through long comparing data in terms of different parameters rather I will suggest you in a final senetence GO FOR DZIRE..It doesnt matter which version you perfer or suits to your need(Lxi, Vxi, Zxi, Ldi, Vdi, Zdi)..JUST GO FOR IT.

    I had got my dream car from MAGIC AUTO, Delhi. Metalic Silver. And I really appreciate Magic Auto for providing me this car in record time of 15 days from booking. They even said that if my loan would have approved before this, they would have delievered the car before this time . Wonderful..You can talk to Kanchan the Sales executive there.

    I really feel good to be an owner of DZIRE.

    Mithalesh Gupta

    A bit of concern regarding the delivery time at some places. I would request Maruti to please look into this.

  17. What is the current delivery for Dzire ZXI; any idea.

  18. hi guys,

    I have booked a dzire vdi black from Bimal Bangalore. They have promised to give me in a weeks time. I am going for it tomorrow – 31st Dec being my bday. So if anyone can share more experiences in terms of deal or issues, i can talk it out. I booked it for 6.8 L.

    I myself waited for taking a safari for over a year and am still not happy with the reviews, but i finally decided to go for a non maintenance and a happy life car…:-)

  19. hi iam amrinder here just have two queries firstly what is the miwlage the diesal and petrol engine are giving and how are the shockers doing when the boot space is loaded

  20. hi iam amrinder here just have two queries firstly what is the mielage the diesel and petrol engine are giving and how are the shockers doing when the boot space is loaded

  21. Initially I was finding the car look odd but after seeing a few on the road, I have started liking the shape. It stands apart from the crowd. No other car gives a fully loaded version for the price from Maruti…the package and price is brilliant. I am planniong to book one on Wednesday but I have been told that the waiting period is 3 months. My dad and wife have both told me that it is worth the wait…He keeps saying…”if it is a maruti…close your eyes and buy it !”

  22. hai guys,
    I enjoy driving this car, great pulling and looks very hi fii but there is a slight problem with the manufacture, There is a abnormal noise from the front suspension. Otherwise this car is superb.

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