Google is all you need

I know you must be thinking – this guy has lost it.  But most of us don’t know that Google search has so many inbuilt features that we can use in our daily life. Let me take you through some of these:

Calculators, just type in the calculation you want to make in the search field—be it 3500+78438*34.6 or 5^67 or sqrt(-10)and hit the Enter key. And you thought you could never live without that always-hidden-under-the-pile-of-papers calculator.

Currency conversion, The next time you are racing to catch your flight to the US/Europe/Thailand/Japan and are not sure of the conversion rates, simply open Google and key in a query: 5,000 USD in INR, or 50,000 INR in Euros, or 500 pounds in Thai Baht or 100,000 INR in yen. The search will get you results even if you ask for currency of Brazil in Hong Kong money or 4 USD per gallon in INR per litre.

A world clock, Trash all thoughts of time-zones and GMT arithmetic. All you need to do is type in time Orlando or time Paris and you’ll know what the local time is out there.

Weathervane, You can easily convert Google into your own personal weather station for any city in the world by typing something like New York weather, Berne weather, or Mumbai weather.

Cricket, Get into Google and just type in cricket. You’ll immediately get an update on the current score, complete with all the details you would need about all the matches being played anywhere in the world.

Define, Using define: in Google’s search box along with what you want explained will give you a definition of a word or phrase you have entered. For instance, define: HDMI presents a page full of various one-line explanations of what High-Definition Multimedia Interface is about—all sourced from websites.

You can even forget your tension of accesing these tiny things on move, since you can also use all these commands with a GPRS enabled Cell phone.


~ by gizmoghost on March 29, 2008.

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