The Feel of the Wheel – Maruti Swift DZire

Hi all! Now test drives for Maruti Swift DZire are open. As I am a big car freak, I have test driven almost all cars in India except of course the super cars. One of my friends asked me, as to what do I look for in a car while test driving?

So, here are few tips for test driving-

Your test drive should match your driving requirements. If you drive frequently into the mountains, find a hill and see how the car climbs. If you have to drive through highways, see how the car accelerates into traffic and performs in the 60-70-mph range. Tell the salesperson what kind of test-drive you want and he will probably accommodate you. However, the salesperson may need to clear it with his manager first.

Before you start driving, adjust the seat, the seatbelt and the mirrors. Turn off the radio so you can hear the engine and concentrate on the driving experience.

During the test drive, evaluate these specific points:

· Acceleration

·Engine noise

·Passing acceleration (does it downshift quickly?)

·Hill-climbing power

·Braking (do the brakes “grab” suddenly?)

·Steering (does it have any play in the wheel? is it easy to place the car?)

·Cornering (does it “hug the road” or does it wallow about?)

·Suspension (how does it ride?)

·Seat comfort and ergonomics

·Rattles and squeaks

·Cargo space (is the vehicle easy to load and does it expand?)

Now, with these points in mind, go and take a test drive of the Swift DZire. .

You can register yourself for test drive at If you are in Indian Metros you can simply SMS your test drive request as per the directions given during FM advertisements.

Look at this inside view of Maruti Swift DZire.

Maruti Swift DZire interior, Maruti DZire look

So, go ahead and please share your experiences of Maruti Swift DZire test drive with me.


~ by gizmoghost on March 28, 2008.

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