The Human: Technology for Termination

Technology, Killing

I was wondering today- Why are we not able to establish peace in the world? Incident like attack on Indian parliament, WTC tower blast, War on Iraq somehow prove that we, human beings, are our own enemies. We just can’t live peacefully.

And the credit goes to TECHNOLOGY. On one hand we are making gadgets and using technology to make our lives safer and smoother and on the other hand we are discovering silent killing weapons that are more destructive than ever before.

I think we are still carrying the burden of one man’s ambitionAlexandra the great. He wanted to change the face of the world by conquering every land known to him. Till today the same struggle for power is continuing. Only the means have changed. Instead of the swords and arrows, we now use technologically superior weapons of mass destruction. What we don’t realize is that our limited resources are sufficient for our needs but not for our greed.

Hope we understand this before it is too late.


~ by gizmoghost on March 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Human: Technology for Termination”

  1. Besides weapon of mass destruction leads to global war, global warming is another phenomenon believed to be caused by advances in technology. Just after I read your post here, my friend is saying that “It’s too late already”. So, what do you think we should do about it when it is said to be too late?

  2. Hi, I agree u that now it is too late but still if we can change from personal level we could make a big difference. Everybody is nested with so many people, we have a way to start. If we think we can’t do but if we do we can do.

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