Beautiful GHOST

Hi all don’t be afraid. I am not talking about a supernatural personality here. I am talking about the super speedster Lamborghini.

speedster, lamborghini


It’s not often you see a Lamborghini roaring down the highway. They’re as rare as hen’s teeth. And usually reserved for the upper echelons of the society even in the west. A friend of mine  recently spent some time driving around in one of these awesome V12 Italian monsters. According to him it’s a demanding thing to drive – but the massive ego boost is undeniably persuasive.

Forget billboards, blimps, TV commercials and magazine advertising – the car’s incredibly wide and low stance is the only advertising the Italian marquee needs for this car, as everyone wants to have a look, from businessmen to young kids. If you want to attract attention, there are few other cars that do it as well as this one, and wait until you hear the noise from the V12 engine…

The price is hard to justify – You will have to shell out anywhere between 1.6 crores to 3 crores. But after driving this amazing vehicle i am sure the rich and the loaded of india will feel truly exhilarated.

A few words of caution – The fuel consumption is more than 20L/100km in normal driving conditions, rearward vision is ridiculous and getting in and out of the thing requires acrobatic skills, though double jointed limbs would also do the trick.



~ by gizmoghost on March 24, 2008.

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  1. It is one of the hottest cars. One can only dream about it India witnessed the entry of the Lamborghini at the end of last year. Three of its latest international models that rolled out in India were the Sports-cum-luxury sedan Gallardo, the convertible ‘Gallardo Spyder’, and the 2-door coupe Murcielago. Read more on the Lamborghini in

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