Indian Super bike

Hi. Can you tell me a bike which changed the driving style of Indian youths? Of course, the name on every lip is nothing other than Bajaj Pulsar.

Bajaj Pulsar, Indian Bike, Maruti Swift Dzire

The slogan of Bajaj “Distinctly Ahead” is what the Pulsar is proving on road. This Bike has broken all the selling records in India. Now Hero Honda is also introducing Karizma 225CC. But still Bajaj deserve a big hand for introducing followings in Indian Bike.

The new digital console is an advanced version of the latest Pulsar family. Apart from the Digital Odometer, Digital Speedo Meter, Digital Fuel Gauge and two Digital Trip Meters, the console on the 200 cc Pulsar DTS-i has indicators for Air filter condition, Engine temperature, Battery voltage and Oil level, all of which contribute to enhancing rider info for trouble-free riding. Another first is the use of split seats for styling and comfort. The split grab rail perfectly compliments the new rear chiseled looks. It is also the first Indian bike to have electric start as the sole means of engine cranking, dispensing with the kick lever.

Now the war is between Pulsar 220CC and Karizma 225CC. Let see who will be the winner of Indian youth’s heart. But my favorite is Pulsar 220cc.


~ by gizmoghost on March 22, 2008.

14 Responses to “Indian Super bike”

  1. the looks of p220 really suck man…its looks bulky at the top and much thinner below…thats really a bummer when it comes to style….

  2. I love this bike as much as i love my self.. Seriously pulsar 220 is 1 of my dream bike.. It’s mask, digital speedometer, mirror on mask, star shaped headlight, fully airodinamic style that gives the bike over 130km/h all are realy markable. This bike is awasome man…

  3. Pulsar 220 is no doubt a performance oriented bike// and it is surely better than karizma// because karisma;s main problem is karizma hs no leg guard// for that if this bike fall in d ground d rider and d bike both will have a tough a tough time//// and dvisor of the bike(karizma)is a big problem// because it;s built quality not at all good/// and the rear tire f the bike is really thin// but looks wise it is better than pulsar 220// but if u people wamt some heartbeating speed with a strong countrol u should go for pulsar 220

  4. This is a extraordinary Bike gives mileges as you can drive.

  5. i love this bike a lot ….this bike is for every one mileage,performance,speed and safety everythinf


  7. Headlight jada hi fuddu n bike bhi hai but still its the best bike
    . Though i hve seen this bike in pictures only and passion is superior than it in all aspect cause m hving that

  8. i dont think pulser is the best bike in the world

  9. Why Bajaj never makes monosock/monocross suspension?
    And Bajaj’s rear footstep not too attractive either.

    But The Engine is can present a good performance including digital speedometer and odometer make Bajaj nice to ride.

  10. Well i don’t know how 2 ride bike but since last 4 years it has been my fav.Looks wise.When a pulsar swifts on road u actually get d feeling – yeah,dat was sumthing.Other bikes cum nowhere.D name superbike genuinely fits

  11. i like speedo meter and its light very much i love pulsar very much belive it r not my pulsar180 is giving 50 km milage per litre

  12. It’s really a world class indian bike….Colon Cleanse

  13. go to and read and download for free

  14. Well, considering the looks of Pulsar 220, the shape of the Half Cowling is very old. This type is used in a British bike in the film Thunderball(1965), a James Bond Movie. My personal suggestion is the cowling is a bit too long.

    As a Sri Lankan, living in Sri Lanka, my experience is Pulsar bikes are very popular here
    But the digital meter panels had a problem. U have to be careful when raining, water may go inside the panel & damage it. Performance, handling is ok. You can’t afford a Japanese Brand New Bike here at this price.As a whole, Bajaj Bikes are the market leader here.

    In the durability department, Hero Honda is better than Bajaj, (My xperience). But Karizma bikes are not so popular here.

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