A car for every life stage

Have you ever noticed how most people change from one vehicle to another during their lifetime? It is interesting to note that it is a very predictable set pattern. More like the butterfly lifecycle we all studied in class 5.

The first thing most kids ride is tricycle. When in school we switch to a bicycle. In college most of us ride a motorbike. With the first job comes the first car – a compact one like a Maruti 800. After marriage, we switch to a hatchback. And, then at the age of 30 – 35, when our income grows and family becomes bigger, we feel the need to upgrade to a Sedan.

Now that I have mentioned this, I am sure most of you would agree. All major car manufacturers worldwide, position their cars to suit this cycle. However, in India I think Maruti is the only manufacturer strictly following this pattern. They have a car for each of the life stages. Just look at their spread – Maruti 800, Alto, WagonR, Estilo, Swift, SX4 and Vitara. The only slot left was the A3 entry level sedan, which they are soon going fill with Swift DZire.


~ by gizmoghost on March 21, 2008.

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