Why is Suzuki Entering the D-Segment?

Can you say why? Suzuki has made a name for itself in the compact car and sport utility vehicle segments. Its customers spread in 168 countries and regions around the world. The annual sales have shown steady growth, rising from about 1,654 thousand units in fiscal 1997 to an estimated 2,405 thousand units in fiscal 2007. Under the mid-term five-year plan, Suzuki is targeting sales of 3 million units in fiscal 2009.

But despite the progress, Suzuki has not been able to accommodate many of the customers who have expressed a desire to stay with the automaker when purchasing subsequent, larger cars. Suzuki has entirely owed its customers for the growth since its founding in 1909. The carmaker feels obliged to respond to increasing expectations and is convinced that it’s essential to offer a wider product range in order to accommodate customers’ diverse lifestyles. Another major factor behind the D-segment entry is to more fully exploit the high level of Suzuki’s technological competence and thus enhance its brand image.

Maruti Car, Maruti Kazashi, Maruti Swift Dzire, Swift Dzire

This image is of the Maruti’s first D-Segment car “MARUTI KIZASHI”. Also Maruti is launching Swift Dzire in sedan to rock as I discussed previously. Now see what type of response Kazashi get.


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10 Responses to “Why is Suzuki Entering the D-Segment?”

  1. If you see the specs on the Kizashi 3 that they are planning for the US you wont have to ask that question anymore… 300hp iAWD its going to be a monster!

  2. could u plz give me the price of this car??? n whn its going 2 b launch n whn at the earliest i cn boook it …currently im in australia wana book 4 ma brother…

  3. rocking car.i wish to own it.a sports car.best exterior car of the year is kizashi 2010.

  4. Suzuki Kizashi looks really cool! Suzuki’s Indian arm Maruti Suzuki’s new Swift D’Zire is a very competent car with some great value for money. And its prices start from Rs 4.61 lakhs which is highly affordable by middle class across the world.


    Indian Car Advisor (Carazoo.com)

  5. what about the ground clearnce on indian roads for maruti kazaki

  6. I have called up my Suzuki dealer friend of mine and told him to let me know the day it is launched and to count me in.I am with suzuki and my experience has been great…why not carry on with the same experience!


  7. amasing car of the year

  8. It will be priced at 10 Lakh plus in Indian market.

  9. i love kizhashi

  10. very cool if it is launch in india i will definetly pay any price and take it , t is ver cool and sexy

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