Catch a glimpse of Maruti Swift Dzire — Website launched

Hi everybody! Seems like Maruti is set to quash all rumours about the delay in Swift DZire launch. I just saw the Maruti Swift DZire official teaser website —  Awesome car and a very engaging website!! The site let’s you register for an exclusive preview of the car, shows a racy trailer, offers beautiful wallpapers and screensavers. And above all, features an exclusive DZire song sung by Palash Sen of Euphoria.  Check out the site right away…


~ by gizmoghost on March 18, 2008.

5 Responses to “Catch a glimpse of Maruti Swift Dzire — Website launched”

  1. Hey thanks for the link. I was really chazing Dzire and this one is a treat to me.

  2. worth looking…………………..

  3. is this the ugliest car or whattt? wtfff????? I think theres a bunch of losers who sit around choosing the ugliest cars for Indian roads…”hmmmm lets see…yes yes! that one the one with the front of a frikkin swift, which resembles a mini cooper and the back of a bloody chrysler! and lets paid it green so it goes well with our general sentiment! F off losers! This is terrible…out with old and in with fresh new designers! cmon India, we dont need to take all the bullshit!

  4. I got my Swift Dzire yesterday. Its so cute to look and excellent performance. Whereever the car goes, the crowd behind. Really Maruti limited 12 lakhs Rupees within Six lakhs, that much worth the car is………. Defenitely it will rock the road. I just classify this car just behind Mercedes benz

  5. good work to get HQ wallpapers visit my website best cars wallpapers

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