The Indian Car!!!!!

Hi all & welcome again to the Ghost’s Blog Space! We have a number of luxury cars around us. The Ferrari, Volvo, Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes and many more. But is it an Indian’s dream car?

Answer is simply no. If we consider the maximum numbers of choices. The cars under price bracket of 5-8 Lacs are considered happening in India. Most Indians looks at car price & their value for money in terms of space, look, average Km/Lt., durability and finally maintenance.

Since a long time the big players like Honda, Fiat, Maruti and Ambassador are trying to hit the Indian market. The most aggressive changes are made by Maruti by producing cars like Suzuki 800 and Esteem. Suzuki has smashed the small car section, whereas Esteem performed in Sedan segment.

The Honda is also performing well these days. They have launched a variety of sedans in average price bracket of 5-9 lacs.

So, the final verdict is that Indians are very passionate about sedans. But in this time Indians are looking for featured loaded car in same price bracket. This time who is going to be hit???

Maruti is launching Swift Dzire. It is all over the net these days. I already found a lot of stuff on this and shared in my previous blog. It’s really interesting to note that Indian automobile industry has come of age. I am snooping for more. Oh! I got a spy video of Maruti Swift Dzire. Have a look.

Have you found any new thing to share on this? I am eagerly waiting ……..


~ by gizmoghost on March 15, 2008.

4 Responses to “The Indian Car!!!!!”

  1. you are right. This Swift Dzire is seems to be a good car in my budget. Can you have some pics?

  2. nice car. it will be a milestone sedan like esteem.

  3. Yes the car is nice. But I am sure it will make its own mark. It looks very different from esteem.

  4. indian car is very nice car

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