Cars and Security!

It’s dangerous! cars, car accident, maruti swift dzire I drive by this road every day on my way home from Office. It’s on Toll Bridge just after sarai kale khan ISBT. It has traffic merging on the left as you’re getting on the free way. It causes a lot of problems because people start speeding up here. Then some other speedster comes from another traffic pattern and you can’t stop in time. I’ve seen at least 5 of these in the last few months.

I think a lot of people are unaware about the limitations of their cars as well as features like ABS and Airbags. Also, few cars fail to pass on these performance parameters. Take the example of cars in price bracket of 5 to 8 lacs. I studied a few hot selling cars i.e., Logan, Accent, Indigo and Fiesta. I found that none of these has ABS (Anti Braking System). While only Logan has a airbag on Driver front side. So, basically while purchasing a Car we must look at these safety features. At this point of time I am looking for the Maruti Swift Dzire as I also discussed previously.

I found that Maruti Swift Dzire is coming with both ABS and Airbags like most other Maruti cars. I hope that all the car makers should take the lesson from Maruti in providing these features. It’s not about selling points it’s all about the life and every one should take care for it.

So, next time choose the car that is best from security aspect as well, not just speed and looks. I am looking for your feedback on more cars so that I can share more….


~ by gizmoghost on March 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Cars and Security!”

  1. I absolutely agree with you, I guess every automotive manufacturer in India should incorporate these feature…they should incorporate air bags in all category cars. I drive a Mahindra scorpio and feel cheated of not having Airbags incorporated after paying what i paid for the car. I have seen even Cars Like WagonR have airbags, Maruti truly is a Customer Centric Organisation…

  2. ABS = Anti-lock braking system

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