Hidden Camera within U


wirelessbullet.jpgWireless Bullet Camera with Audio 2.4Ghz

Hi to every one listening to ghost! I got a beautiful gadget for you to shoot everything you wanted without reflecting your demons teeth.

The “Bullet” Wireless Camera with Audio incorporates a tiny colour video camera, a highly sensitive microphone, and a 2.4 Ghz transmitter in a tiny bullet shaped capsule!

Its size makes it ideal for discreet surveillance. Now you can investigate your own suspicions with ease! The wireless technology means there are no wires to conceal and installation is minimal!

Whilst the set is provided with two UK Mains adaptors, you can also power the Bullet Cam with a standard 9V Battery.

Simply place the camera in a discreet position (i.e. in a plant, behind a picture frame or in-between a few books) and plug the receiver into any TV, VCR or security monitor in another room up to 25m away or up to 50m outdoors!

The picture quality will not disappoint either. The CMOS camera has 356,000 pixels, and a resolution of 380 Horizontal TV lines, and the microphone is sensitive to pick up sounds from across all but the biggest rooms!

So for what you lookin for ??? Do you like this?????????

Checkout this gadget at: http://www.gadgets.co.uk/item/WIRELESSBULLET/Wireless-Bullet-Camera-with-Audio-2.4Ghz.html

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~ by gizmoghost on March 12, 2008.

One Response to “Hidden Camera within U”

  1. Nice Gadget yaar…I have to take snaps of my nbd girl. I think it’ll help me out…

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