The Car that Drive Madly

31861360-2-300-dt1.gif I was navigating for a car that is superb, fast and fully gadget. I came to know about Volvo C70. The all-new C70 is the latest offering from Volvo that’s designed to titillate the senses and stimulate the human buying-gene. While the 2006 C70 doesn’t signal the same paradigm-design shift that the 1998 version did, it displays sophisticated refinement and adds smart-thinking practicality. Although, where the new C70 does make a big design statement is that it replaces both the coupe and the convertible at the same time. That’s right; the new C70 is two, two, two cars in one. Climatic factors permitting, it’s a sporty convertible cruiser; but when the weather isn’t cooperating, or when security is an issue, it’s a sleek, elegant hardtop coupe. Either way you can’t lose: it’s like having a switch-hitting Mickey Mantle playing for your team.

C70 is meant to compete with the BMW 3 series, and Audi A4. To me, a more accurate match-up would be to compare the $39,000 C70 against the Mercedes-Benz CLK that costs about $10,000 more.

This car came equipped with satellite navigation, a system with excellent route guidance. To control the navigation there is a included remote control. A few days into our review, however, we discovered a four-way rocker switch with two buttons attached to the back of the right spoke of the steering wheel. 31861360-2-300-dt3.gif  The C70 includes an impressive number of airbags for a convertible coupe. The driver and front passenger get side and front airbags, while door-mounted side curtain airbags offer additional head protection. Also, because it’s a convertible, it gets roll bars that pop up over the rear seats if a rollover is detected. The A-pillars are also strengthened to support the weight of the car in case of a rollover.  So, Now Can you tell me what more you want in your super car???? I love this car and like to have one.  If you have some more review and suggestions then please share……..Wishing all the best every one coming on ghost planet..


~ by gizmoghost on March 11, 2008.

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  1. nice yaar car looks so good

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